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Where is Joe Cunningham's Wife?

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When someone announces they are running for office you wonder about then. Well, when someone announces they are running for a big office like the Governor of South Carolina as Joe Cunninghan did this week, you want to know more about them. In all the media, you can see him with his son Boone, but nowhere can one find mentions of his wife - Amanda. 

So, what has happened to Joe Cunningham’s wife Amanda Bonfiglio Cunningham? She is not in hiding. A matter of fact, she just posted this on Instagram concerning her marriage to Joe Cunningham, who just announced he is running for governor of South Carolina. Take a look at the floating man in the photo. Who is that? A husband floating away or toward her. It is definitely meant to mean something.

Amanda Cunningham has always had a muich more liberal voice than her democratic husband. She also publically vented on matters personal and political issues often putting him on unbalanced footing with his constituent.

Per Joe Cunningham's wife Instagram, here is what she had to say: "Yesterday my husband announced his race for Governor. Three weeks before that, we announced our separation. Are you okay?Everyone asks.I am, and I’m not.
The distance between, and the fade of us, began a long time ago. The heavy grief feels distant. It’s very possible to love someone so much that the best thing to do is to release them.We’ve released each other. And while the break breaks me - the freedom frees me.#letgo #trustyourintuition See her media like crafted post below along with hashtags.

She is definitely not shying away. In fact she announced the fate of their marriage almost a month ago also. Per Amanda Cunningham’s Instagram here are her thoughts “After 11 years together, my heart is heavy to share, Joe and I are in the process of separating as a married couple.I want our son to know that pain is a result of having loved. And I’d choose to love over and over again. When we’re faced with these moments of struggle, our work is to feel the feels, learn the lessons, and move forward knowing we are stronger, wiser versions of ourselves. The work is not easy. The good stuff never is.I can't yet share that my pain has ended but I'm learning, you can be in pain and be ok at the same time. My hope is if you find yourself in a similar struggle, you do not feel alone. Speaking your truth and doing the work takes courage, and I cheer on those brave enough to do both.There are a million quotes that could end this post but alas, nothing ends perfectly.” 

Amanda Cunningham most definitely is very eloquent and has a book deal coming no matter what the outcome of the marriage or election brings. Her Instagram posts are extremely crafted and planned with the appropriate premeditated photo shoots. She does have amazing public relations and marketing skills, which are something her separated husband may need to vie for such a large office. Prior to these new struggles in their marriage it appeared very rosy with meetings with President Obama and others well known to the Democratic political party. They appeared to be the perfect political power couple, but if TV Dramas and Netflix has taught us anything, this may be just the beginning of a many seasoned drama, yet to play out in real life in South Carolina.  

Who is Amanda Cunningham? stagram updated bio declares her as a solo mom to a boy and a dog from Charleston, SC.  She is also the COO of Her Future Coalition and Yoga Medicine Seva. She hopes to encourage change through honest words and  impactful retreats. We do not know if circumstances will alter and both she and Joe will end up in the Governor’s mansion this fall, but we do know where she will be in February 2022. She is hosting a retreat to India where she and her group will make a remarkable impact for sure for this area.l 

Joe Cunningham, her estranged husband, is an American lawyer and politician who served as the U.S. Representative for South Carolina's 1st congressional district from 2019 to 2021 per Wikipedia. The district includes much of South Carolina's share of the Atlantic Coast, from Charleston to Hilton Head Island.

It also tells the facts that Joe is a member of the Democratic Party, Cunningham narrowly defeated Republican state representative Katie Arrington in the 2018 general election. He was narrowly defeated in his 2020 re-election bid by Republican state representative Nancy Mace after one term in Congress.

Currently Joe Cunningham is a candidate for the Democratic Party nomination in the 2022 South Carolina gubernatorial election.

It apprears that Amanda has a lot of offer by viewing her business and charity activities. We may never know what she could have done as a First Lady of South Carolina.

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