Tiger Woods Rescued with Jaws of Life

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Many of you are aware of the Jaws of Life and it's lifesaving abilities. Today it rescued Tiger Woods from a single car accident in California. He is currently in serious to crital condition per his agent.

The lastest update according to Golf Digest, is that Tiger Woods suffered multiple leg injuries and is currently in surgery at the hostpial. Golf Digest quoted Woods' agent Mark Steinberg with the update.

In a rescue type of situation, essential rescue workers utilzie the Jaws of Life to cut away parts of the car and get you out more safely and quickly. Being in a trapped wrecked car is very dangerous for many reasons. The car can catch on fire due to damages or one may be losing blood from their injuries. In any case, the occupant needs to be recovered and taken immediatley to the closest medical hospital.

The term "Jaws of Life" refers to several types of piston-rod hydraulic tools known as cutters, spreaders and rams that are used to pry open vehicles involved in accidents when a victim may be trapped.

This major champion was winnner 15 times major champion and he is currently still hospitlized and undergoing surgery at this moment. in the the Los Angeles, California area. The single car wreck happned

The extent of Woods’ injuries and the circumstances surrounding the accident are unclear at this time, though more information is expected to come out. This was said to have been a rollover accidient.

There are two local ties to Tiger Woods and this accident. We thank the inventors of the Jaws of Life for getting him out of the rollover crash. The Jaws of Life originated in a little work shop near Shelby, North Carolina. Shelby is just across the South Carolina state line. Many in the area are very aware of this region due to the huge Shelby Fair that is held every year. Most in the Upstate have visited this fair as a child. The Jaws of Life was created less than a mile from the Shelby Fairgrounds.

The other local connectio is more obvious. With Augusta, SC being the home of championship golf, the name Tyger Woods is spoken of most likely on a minute by minute basis. The Augusta National Golf Club is famous worldwide for their golf tournaments. Per Wikipedia, Augusta National Golf Club, sometimes referred to as Augusta or the National, is a golf club in Augusta, GA, but we all know that Augusta is in both South Carolina and Georgia. North Augusta is more like a connected twin.

Tiger Woods has won the The Masters more than anyone else. He will be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2021. Tiger Woods was in California for a gold tournament, but not to play. He was doing commentary and being interviewed. He hoped to be back playing soon, but has been battling back issues.

This G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) golf player has been known as one of the greatest comeback kids of all time too. Let's hope that this player can recovere soon and at least get back on the golf course just for fun.

This 45 year old famous athelete is accustomed to overcoming adversity and making remarkable comebacks. He won the Masters in 2019 for the fifth time. This was only two years after a surgery for his spine. Tiger Woods had a spinal fusion. Coming back after this is a true achievement and one of the sports world's greatest comebacks.


All golfers and fans alike are hoping for a full recovery for Tiger Woods.

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