Kelseyville, CA

I write true-crime stories for the local news, balancing the chaos in my brain by writing children's books. True Story. My latest true-crime novel, When the Puppet Strings Break, is available on the Readict APP with Part 2 in the works. My life balance comes with my 4-part children's book series, The Adventures of Bubbly Jock, which can be found on my website. I absolutely love the brain shift to color and fantasy. Along with writing my books, I also ghostwrite, edit and format books for other authors. One of my first projects was being hired by Michael Jackson's friend who managed his Neverland Ranch during the 1988-1996 era. I composed, Behind the Gates of Neverland, which is still going strong amongst Michael's fans and curious readers who want to know the inside scoop of the extraordinary kindness and humorous side of this misunderstood man.