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Pizzeria owner helped family launch salsa business by letting them use kitchen for free for 6 years

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Detroit Salsa Company had humble beginningsDetroit Salsa Company

Finn Gomez was a teen when he talked to his parents about turning his great grandmother's salsa recipe into a business in 2016. His parents, Jennifer and Ray, thought it was a great idea, but there was one problem with the plan: money. Or, more specifically, a lack of funds to launch a business of that scale. 

Still, Jennifer believed in the idea so much that she posted in a community group on Facebook asking for tips on places that rented commercial kitchens for fairly cheap. They only wanted the space for a few hours once a week to get started. There were a good deal of responses, but one was almost unbelievable. 

Jim Danoksy offered the use of his restaurant's kitchen. Danosky is the owner of Bella Pizza in Allen Park. He told WXYZ: "I figured we can help them, and they didn't have to pay any rent, we could care less. And we made it so they were able to, at least build the business up, to the point where they are today." 

The Gomez family was thrilled with the help that they were given. For the next six years, they worked closely with Danosky to build their business. He would offer them tips on making the company successful, and they soaked up all the knowledge provided to them.
Finn Gomez came up with the idea of Detroit Salsa CompanyThe Gomez family

Success in salsa

Detroit Salsa Company was founded by The Gomez family in 2017. Success came reasonably fast for them, with local gyms showcasing the salsa. Sales began to pick up shortly after that, and the business started to expand. 

The salsa is now available in 20 stores across the Metro Detroit area. And they will soon open their own brick-and-mortar store. 

But Ray says none of it would have been possible without the generosity of Danosky. The owner of Detroit Salsa Company told reporters (via Penhal News): "Starting a business, is stressful and times scary, and just knowing that you have someone who has been there, and you can talk to and get advice, it helps, it's a great thing, it relieved some of my stress at times."

Danosky says that he is happy that he could help the family. However, he joked with WXYZ about how Ray would go to the kitchen early and wake him up by calling him. While that might irritate many people, it seems that the pizzeria owner understood why it was so crucial for them to work as early and often as they could. 

Ray noted that not many people would have done what Danosky did for them. He believes that the two families will be tied in friendship for the rest of their lives.
Detroit Salsa Company in retail stores across Metro DetroitDetroit Salsa Company via Facebook

Fresh start and more

Finn Gomez, the teen who came up with the idea, emphasized that the company was a family business, not a corporation. He told Metro Parent: "It's not corporate; it's family. It has to have fresh ingredients and love, so the funding can be quite a challenge." 

The company also says that they do not use preservatives or sugar. When it comes to being a healthy food, it does not get better than that. And there is something to be said for the taste being out of this world. 

Using fresh ingredients seems to be part of what makes the salsa recipe so successful. Google reviews show that the company currently boasts 4.9 stars out of 5. 

One review by Rob Daniels sums up what the experience is like for the majority of people: "Detroit Salsa Company out here killing the salsa game."

With glowing reviews and a customer base that seems to be expanding by the day, the Gomez family seems poised to grow their business even bigger in the days to come. They are starting with one store located in Lincoln Park but have plans to further expand as they gain more capital. 

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