Michigan man finds success with ice cream videos on TikTok, opening new shop

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Dylan Lemay is a social media superstar now, but his journey began in Taylor. He started working at a local Coldstone Creamery, and the young man loved it and began to think about what a career with the franchise would look like.

Eventually, the company transferred him to a location in Missouri. During this time, he started to learn about TikTok, the social media app that would eventually change his life.

He thought it was a generic outlet when he first heard about the app. He told the Detroit Free Press that he believed that all that was on it was teen girls dancing. Something he was not interested in. But soon, he learned that wasn't the case.

During the lockdown in 2020, a friend of his moved back to Missouri. She wanted to become TikTok famous, so Lemay agreed to help her. He says that while the friend's videos weren't gaining traction, something was happening.

He was learning how to edit the videos. Not only that, but he was enjoying the process of putting them together. Another thing he learned was what the TikTok audience was looking for. It wasn't long before he decided to give it a try himself.

Lemay making ice cream in a videoDylan Lemay

Social Media Stardom

Lemay's first video became a sensation. The clip was about baking a cake for a gender reveal for his friends. They had a baby girl, and he got a viral video out of the process.

It garnered more than 300,000 views and helped him realize that he was on the right path for success on TikTok.

Another video he did was a role play about the audience's first day at Coldstone. He taught viewers how to scoop ice cream, throw it, and add mix-ins. The clip blew up. It got more than 8 million views on the first day.

He has been so successful on TikTok that he was recently named one of the top creators in food and beverage.

TikTok isn't the only social media site that Lemay is finding success. He is one of the top YouTube Shorts creators for 2021. One of his ice cream videos has been viewed more than 100 million times. Another of his videos has more than 7.5 million views.

And he has a large fan base. 2.5 million people subscribe to his YouTube channel, another 300,000 follow him on Instagram. But by far, TikTok is his most successful profile with 11 million followers.

Lemay adding in cereal to ice creamDennis Lemay

Tips Shared

There are some things that Lemay says he does that helps make his videos successful. For one, he truly loves what he talks about. Food, specifically ice cream, is something that he is passionate about, and he wants to share it with his audience.

Most of his videos also have a dual narrative. He will make some ice cream flavor or something and talk about something else in his life. He makes an ice cream cone in one clip and talks about how his grandmother liked this type of cone.

He also says that he garners ideas from his audience by reading and responding to comments.

However, this did lead to a few weeks of controversy for Lemay. He responded to a video that talked about conversion therapy. His comment, "Wow! Addressing the big issues," set off a debate about whether or not he supports the practice and if he is homophobic.

A few of his fellow TikTok stars claimed he is, and one called for him to be canceled. Lemay responded to one of the women who said he was homophobic and defended himself. Eventually, he released a video where he addressed the situation and apologized for not being more careful with his words.

The apology video is one of the rare times when Lemay shows his face. Most of the time, he focuses on the food and his story.

NoHo ManhattanKen Lund

Big City Bound

The controversy didn't slow Lemay's meteoric rise. In November 2021, it was announced that he had secured $1.5 million in seed money for a new ice cream shop that will be opened in Spring 2022.

Catch'n Ice Cream will open in the NoHo (north of Houston street) neighborhood of Manhattan. Lemay says New York City is the best place to open it because of tourism and most of his followers come from the area. He also noted that the flight back to Michigan to see his family is short.

Chris Camillo is the lead investor for the new venture. Best known for creating Dumb Money, Camillo has been advising people on what to invest in via social trends.

Both men think that Lemay's social media following coupled with the large tourism industry will help the new store be successful. Camillo also believes that his new partner has the know-how and natural ability to get the store off the ground.

Lemay seems poised to continue making videos and bringing his love of ice cream to the audiences that loves him. While also sharing updates on the opening of the new store.

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