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Couple celebrated nuptials by taking wedding pictures at restaurant where they met

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Julie and Zack Williams eat a sub on their wedding dayNic Antaya

Julie and Zack Williams were strangers when they met on December 8, 2017, at a Subway restaurant in Livonia, Michigan. Nearly four years later, they got married on October 22.

Their lunch that day changed their lives, which is why they returned to the sandwich shop on their big day. The couple decided to take pictures in front of the Subway where they met. There is the traditional picture with the groom dipping his bride and kissing her. Another shows them biting into footlong sandwiches in front of the store.

The wedding and photos were a culmination of a love story that almost didn't happen, a few things needed to align that day for the happy couple to come into one another's orbit. There was also the need for a "wing mom" to help get things going.

Everything came together for them, just like it does on their favorite sandwiches.
Zack proposed to Julie over Labor Day weekend in 2020Julie Williams (nee Bushart)

Subs For Lunch, Date For Dinner

On December 8, 2017, Julie was out shopping with her mom. They were getting hungry and decided to stop at the Livonia, Michigan Subway restaurant for some lunch since it was her favorite spot to eat. When she walked in, the first thing she noticed was a "good looking" guy already in line.

Her mom encouraged her to talk to him, but Julie decided not to; she was embarrassed. Still, she couldn't take her eyes off the man. When he decided to eat his lunch at the restaurant, the ladies followed suit.

Julie got tired of her mom trying to her to go talk to the man. So, she issued a challenge to the matriarch: give the man her number, so she didn't have to, which is precisely what happened.

They wrote her number on a receipt, and her mother handed it to him when he went to the parking lot. She says that she never saw her mom move so fast in her life.

It turned out that Zack was feeling the same way about Julie. When he saw her, she took his breath away. He called her one of the most beautiful women that he'd ever seen. Because of that, he couldn't muster the courage to talk to her or give his future bride his number.

Thankfully the "wing mom" solved the problem for both of them.
The happy couple honeymooned in MauiNic Antaya

Next Step Down The Aisle

Half an hour after he got Julie's number, Zack called her. They chatted for a bit and agreed to go to dinner. Their first date happened on December 10, 2017. It wasn't long before the relationship became serious between the two.

On their first anniversary, they returned to the Livonia Subway to celebrate. Something they often do, as they love that part of their story. They feel it is something special and want to honor it.

Over the Labor Day weekend in 2020, Zack asked Julie to marry him while they vacationed on Mackinac Island. She said yes, and they decided that it would be cool if Subway somehow played a part in their wedding.

Zack reached out to the franchise to see what they said about the tale. "I knew our story was crazy, so I really wanted it to be heard. I decided to reach out to Subway and wrote them an email explaining our story. Someone got to us within the week."

The people at Subway loved the story. They offered a wedding photoshoot at the store where Julie and Zack met.

Julie and Zack were photographed eating footlong subs in front of the restaurant and posing on top of a BMW with the Subway logo on it.

Guests of the wedding were also treated to sandwiches and cookies from Subway.

As of press time, Subway declined to comment on the story. However, many of the photos have gone viral.

The happy couple honeymooned in Hawaii. Their eye is now on the future, according to Julie: "As a married couple, we're most looking forward to sharing in all of life's great adventures together. And sharing our love story with our kids someday!"

When it comes to meet-cutes, they don't get much more delicious than the story of Julie and Zack Williams.

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