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Confessed killer set to go free, victims' family and prosecutors work to stop it

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Robert Miles confessed to killing two women, Sandra Fisher (37) and Michelle Markland (14), nearly 30 years ago. Now he is scheduled to go free as soon as December 28, one day before the anniversary of the murders.

The daughter and sister of the victims, Crystal Kneeshaw, is working to make sure that he is not released for any reason. She has told multiple outlets that she still has nightmares about what happened the day her mother and sister were brutally taken away from her.

"I'm fearful. I saw. I'm 44 years old and I still have nightmares."

Kneeshaw also said that the murder of her family was not the first time that Miles was violent with women, specifically young girls. She alleged that he stabbed a 14-year-old girl before the encounter with her family.

The motive for Miles killing Fisher and Markland might have been Kneeshaw breaking up with him. She revealed that she had fallen in with the wrong crowd for a while and was sent to live with her father in Garden City for a time in 1991. After meeting Miles, the two decided to date for a bit.

But he became obsessive about Kneeshaw, which made her nervous. After spending Christmas with her mother and sister, Miles called her multiple times throughout the visit. On December 28, 1991, he came to her mother's Fenton home with some friends.

Kneeshaw decided to end the relationship.

"My mom was sleeping on the couch. I broke up with (Miles). My sister and I were fighting. My sister's last words to me was that she hated me for breaking up with Robert. She said I was being mean and selfish."

Quickly, it became apparent that the breakup was just the beginning of the nightmare for Kneeshaw. Miles went to the garage and grabbed a knife he had hidden in there. He entered the house, killed her mother. Then he went after her sister.

After both women were injured, Kneeshaw ran out the front door, but her ex-boyfriend was right there with her. They fought, and she hoped that her sister, while severely hurt, would be able to get out. Neither Fisher nor Markland would survive the attack.

Miles sat and waited for the police to arrive. They took him into custody with no issues.

But he wasn't done with Kneeshaw. After she rejected his attempts to call her from jail, he enlisted the wife of his cellmate to contact her.

"This woman called. Her husband was in the same cell (as Miles). He had told her we had a domestic tiff, but that when he got out, we'd be together again," she added that the woman "never called again after she was told what had really happened with Miles."

Miles stayed in jail until his trial started in 1993. He faced two counts of first-degree murder, which would have seen him be sentenced to two life sentences with no chance of parole if convicted. After Kneeshaw testified against him, he agreed to plead guilty to second-degree murder because he would then have the opportunity to be paroled.

Which is what happened in August; he applied and was granted parole.

When asked, state corrections officials said they had "no substantial means" to keep him locked up after all this time.

Kneeshaw disagreed with that assessment. She also countered that Wayne County prosecutors are working with her now to stop Miles from being paroled, but they testified before the Parole Board that they were wrong to offer the plea deal to Miles back in 1993.

"In 2018, the Wayne County prosecutors, three of them, showed up and apologized in front of the parole board and said they failed me and that he should have never gotten Second Degree murder."

She also said she doesn't believe he has changed and that he is still obsessed with her, though she did not explain why she thinks that.

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