Ex-Soldier Pleaded Guilty To Murder Of His Wife, Covering It Up

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Marriage is hard. The warning is given to couples who are planning on tying the knot all the time. Most want the honeymoon phase to last forever. However, as most people realize, it will end eventually. Even if keeping the love alive is hard, many will make it through the ups and downs that life throws at them.

It is tough when one partner is keeping a secret from the other. Like when one is secretly bisexual. Or if one is having an affair and truly unhappy in the marriage. So unhappy that they are beginning to plot out the way their partner will die.

Such was the case for Michael Walker. He married Catherine Plotz because he loved her. Or at least he believed he cared for the woman at one point. Somewhere along the way, their marriage soured. It could have been Walker's constant cheating, even racking up a charge for soliciting sex for cash from a man. Whatever the case, he wanted out of the marriage. And divorce wasn't an option for him.

Mistress Of Murder

Ailsa Jackson met Walker shortly before they began their affair. As their relationship developed, Jackson wanted Walker to herself. Like many mistresses before, she began asking her beau to leave his wife. It was music to his ears, even more so when she admitted to having a mental illness.

Walker explained that he couldn't afford to divorce Plotz. As an army medic, he didn't make much money, and it would cost thousands to untangle himself from her. However, if she were to die, he would collect the $400,000 life insurance policy. He was planting the seeds for her to kill Plotz.

And it worked. Jackson and Walker began planning to murder Plotz. He called his wife's death his "deepest desire." This would become code for the two as their plans came together.

He began using his wife as a way to avoid meeting up with his mistress. Putting pressure on her to get rid of his "problem."

Text Me A Little Murder

In a text exchange between the pair, they bemoaned the fact they couldn't meet up. Jackson told her lover how much she missed him and wanted his affection. Walker used the opportunity to reinforce the fact that his wife was standing between them.

"I want you so bad its like a craving,"

"I know. Me too, If only someone was out of the way!"

There were many more messages like this. Finally, they agreed on a date for the murder to happen. Walker was put on the overnight shift at the Triple Army Medical Center; he was scheduled to work from 6 pm to 6 am. He told Jackson this would give him an alibi and her a chance to get into the house and commit the murder since Plotz would be alone.

The first attempt at killing Plotz didn't work out. Jackson wrote to the devious husband that there was an "access" problem. He picked up on what she meant and said he would take care of it next time. They worked out a new plan, one that proved to be successful.

The new plan involved Walker texting his mistress whether she would be able to get in through a window, "good" in their code or if she would need to use a key hidden in the rocks by the house, "bad." Once he left for work on November 14, 2014, he sent a quick text to Jackson informing her it was the latter option.

Murder Of The Night

Jackson let herself into the house and made her way up to Plotz's bedroom with the man they shared. She grabbed a knife from the kitchen on her way up to the bedroom. Once it was clear that Walker's wife was asleep, the mistress began stabbing her.

Allegedly before she died, Plotz woke up. Jackson asked her victim for forgiveness, something she claims was granted before the other woman passed away. She told investigators that she waited in the house for 30 minutes to make sure the woman was dead before taking off.

Walker came home and found his wife's corpse. He called 9–1–1 as was his plan to look innocent. It appeared to work for a while. Until he broke off his relationship with Jackson, she ended up confessing to the police, who had been investigating the crime for a while. It was the break they needed.

Walker's Criminal Past

Michael Walker was tried in a military court in 2016 on child porn charges. Then in 2017, he was convicted of sexual and physical abuse of a child. More than 90 lewd pictures of children were found on his computer. There were nearly 20 videos of children forced into sexual situations as well.

Those charges, along with the solicitation charge, played into the murder investigation. When Jackson confessed, prosecutors cut her a deal if the information she gave them led to an indictment against Walker. The former mistress handed over all of the text messages and emails she had saved. It was enough to bring charges against the man.

Both Jackson and Walker pleaded guilty. Jackson was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the murder. At the same time, Walker was sentenced to 35 years to orchestrate the murder and help cover up the crime.

U.S. District Judge Susan Oki Mollway handed down her sentence and explained why Walker was given a tougher punishment: "Ms. Jackson wielded the knife that killed your wife, And that was a terrible, terrible deed. But it does appear to me that you were in control."

The Plotz family forgave Jackson for her role in the murder of their loved one, especially since it brought the real killer to justice. Walker pleaded with the family to forgive him as well. He said that he would "do anything if it could bring her back."

Marriage for Walker was indeed hard. Getting out of it led him to prison for the rest of his life.

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