3 Books To Finally Stick To Your Commitments

Auriane Alix

Write the book, get in shape, launch the startup, you name it.

“Blessed is he who has found his work.” — Steven Pressfield
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Quitting when you realize that a project won’t lead anywhere is ok. But giving up on something that could make this parallel life that you feel deep inside you a reality, that’s a shame.

Writing a book, launching a start-up, founding an organization to help children, getting in shape, quitting smoking, embarking on a new professional career… Whatever your project is, if it comes from the bottom of your heart and sounds right, then you owe it to yourself to give it a chance.

A real chance. Not a week and leave it alone. You’ll probably feel a wave of relief at the moment, but in the long run, you’re stagnating.

I have two tips for you to stick with whatever project you embark on.

The first is to show up every day. Even if it’s only 20 minutes because that’s the best you can do, set that time aside and dedicate it to your project. Every. Single. Day.

The second one is coming right away.

Steven Pressfield is my biggest supporter

No, I don’t know him personally. But reading three of his books made me feel like the guy was dancing around me in a cheerleader outfit supporting my projects.

These three books are super short. One hour and a half each. Simple, clear, concise, and available on Kindle. No excuses.

They’re all about Resistance, and how to beat it. How to turn pro.

Resistance is what makes you give up on your dreams. It’s that little voice that whispers in your ear that your project sucks, you suck, and it’s a waste of time. It’s what makes you procrastinate, avoid getting down to the real work, and give you the feeling at the end of the day that you haven’t accomplished anything important to you.

Everyone is plagued by Resistance. Even great artists and entrepreneurs still fight it every morning when they wake up. But when you have identified your enemy, you see him coming from afar. You no longer identify with him. You can distinguish his voice from yours.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” — Sun Tzu

3 books, 4.5 hours of reading, less than $20: that’s the recipe for success

Start with The War of Art. Then move on to Do the Work. Finish with Turning Pro.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • You’ll recognize Resistance and self-sabotage: it’s what has caused you to quit 3/4 of your commitments so far;
  • You’ll learn how you can use Resistance to find out what you should do with your life;
  • You’ll get concrete tips for beating Resistance and doing your work, day in and day out;
  • You’ll close each book with a lighter heart knowing that you’re not “crazy” or “sick,” that everyone is fighting Resistance too. You now have the right sword to beat your enemy. The true you can finally become real.

Provided you do the work.

Finally, a few quotes

My favorites.

“Rule of thumb: The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.”
“We humans have territories too. Stevie Wonder’s territory is piano. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s is the gym. When Bill Gates pulls into the parking lot at Microsoft, he’s on his territory. […] A territory is a closed feedback loop. Our role is to put in effort and love; the territory absorbs this and gives it back to us in the form of well-being.”
“Forget rational thought. Play. Play like a child.”
“The song we’re composing already exists in potential. Our work is to find it. Can we hear it in our head? It exists, like a signal coming from a faraway radio tower.”
“A perplexed person stands before two doors. One door says HEAVEN. The other says BOOKS ABOUT HEAVEN. What makes us laugh, I suspect, is that all of us feel the pull to pick BOOKS ABOUT HEAVEN. Are we that timid? Are our huevos that pocito? When we’re offered a chance at heaven, what diabolically craven force makes us want to back off — just for now, we promise ourselves — and choose instead heaven’s pale reflection?”
“Blessed is he who has found his work.”
“When we turn pro, the energy that once went into the Shadow Novel goes into the real novel. What had seemed to be only a dream becomes, now, the reality of our lives.”
“When we were amateurs, our life was about drama, about denial, and about distraction. Our days were simultaneously full to the bursting point and achingly, heartbreakingly empty.”
“The professional does not wait for inspiration; he acts in anticipation of it. He know that when the Muse sees his butt in the chair, she will deliver.”

I am not affiliated with Steven Pressfield or his publishers at all. I tell you about these three books because they changed my perspective on things. What I read in them, I needed to read at that moment. I’m amazed at how books just happen to fall into our hands at the right time.

If you stumbled upon this, it may be a sign too.

Whatever project you’re dying to get into, you need to read these books. If not all three, at least one.

What you’ll learn from them will put all the odds in your favor to make it happen.

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