I’m Kind of a Pokemon Trainer

Auriane Alix
I catch Wordasaurs hidden in the grass.
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I could have written this in my Pikachu onesie. The picture would have been complete. Except I don’t have it handy. Too bad.

Reminder: Pokémon trainers walk around the fields with pockets full of Poké balls — special little capsules designed to be thrown at fantasy creatures, and catch them.

My job is pretty much the same. Except that my Pokémons are my thoughts.

Only when I walk do I meet Pokémons

They rarely come to me. I have to go get them.

When I go for a walk, I always have Poké balls with me. I don’t want to miss any of my encounters: some Pokémons are very rare and won’t be coming back anytime soon. I keep a note on my phone with all my writing ideas, and catch them all, without exception.

As a writer, my job is to go where I know I’m likely to encounter thoughts and feelings and then try to encapsulate them. I like this idea of putting these invisible, non-palpable, immaterial things in a box. The box is the words. The ultimate goal is to capture a thought or idea in the exact words that then turn it into a visible thing. As if they were revealed. So now we can see them, recognize them, and keep them handy in case we need to come back and think about them some more, without having to carry them around in our heads. They can be heavy!

When they are mature enough, I send them into the arena

My job, as a Pokemon trainer, is to take care of my little protégés, surely enough for them to grow, evolve, blossom. That takes time. And attention.

I’m not capable of writing 3–4 articles in a row. It’s just not my thing. I’ve tried it, and all it’s done is rob me of the pleasure of writing. I need a slower process. I need the time to ponder ideas.

Time makes them bloom, builds branches for them, and only then can I write something worthwhile. Complete.

The takeaway

The lesson here is threefold.

First, remember to have fun and don’t take yourself or your work too seriously. Nothing matters that much after all. Put down the suit and wear your shorts for once. Or just your boxers, that’s even more comfortable.

Second, always carry something to jot down your thoughts and ideas while you’re out. Ideas are connections made by the brain when it loses focus, and chances are most of them happen while you’re out walking or having fun. I guarantee that 90% of your ideas will be gone by the time you get home.

Third, take your time, whatever you do. We live in a society that preaches efficiency, productivity, speed. It’s stressful and often unnecessary. Even counterproductive. I came across this quote by Shannon Ashley that I found mind-blowing. Here’s what she says:

“Try to recognize that one great measure of success is getting to spend more time doing something that you love, not less.”

Let time magnify things. Time is super-powerful. It sometimes solves problems on its own, it refines cheese and gives depth and clarity to most of our thoughts.

That’s it for tonight.


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