When We Started, We Were All Mediocre

Auriane Alix
But we trusted the process.
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When my father installed a wood stove in the living room, he only knew how to make a fire. He didn’t know how to manage the log supply. As a result, it was sometimes cold and often too hot.
He experimented. He learned.
Now he cuts the logs in half, and the temperature at home is always perfect.

When I started writing on Medium, my articles were tiny. I didn’t know how to develop my ideas. I had no clue what I was doing.
I practiced. I persevered.
Now I’m making a comfortable income almost every month, and I feel much more comfortable.

When my grandmother tried a recipe for cheese gougeres, she was disappointed with the result. Too dry. Not tasty enough.
She did it again. She tried it differently.
Now her cheese gougere are delicious. She was proud of her last batch.

When my mother started renting her apartment in Airbnb, she didn’t know what the codes were. She made mistakes. She did the best she could. Some visitors gave her comments to help her improve.
She took them into account. She thought about what she could do better.
Now it’s a going concern: her process is in place, it’s fast and efficient. The apartment is always perfect, comfortable, welcoming, and the travelers are delighted.

When I finished my studies and started my real life as a freelance writer, I found myself completely lost. I was depressed. I wanted to do something good with all the time I had been given back, but I didn’t know what, nor how.
I read. I asked myself questions. I experimented with a thousand different organizations and rhythms.
Now I am efficient, productive, and I enjoy my days. I have found my rhythm and I feel like a fish in water.

When you have the will to improve, to get better, everything is possible. The moral of these little stories is this: stop thinking too much, stop getting ready. Stop seeking perfection. It is impossible to be good right away. The only recipe for success is to start as you are, as best you can, and improve over time. Experience, trial, and error will be your best teachers.

Start, then adjust the shot. Try things, and learn from them. Start small, and improve a little more each day.

This is the boost you’ve been waiting for. Start this project. Start today. There is beauty in imperfection. And there is no perfection. Each of the things I consider successful in my life has come from a difficult beginning followed by questioning and experimentation that led to optimization.

Start today. Get better tomorrow. Be proud in 6 months.

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