A Tinder Bio Made Me Have an Epiphany

Auriane Alix
Life summed up in one nonchalant sentence.
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“In life, all we do is keep ourselves busy.”

Life is absurd. Start asking yourself the question “what for?” for everything you do, and you’re screwed.

It’s no coincidence that we keep ourselves constantly busy. It keeps us from thinking too much. It was when I finally lifted my head from all these occupations and looked around me that I landed on THE critical ground.

That of the meaning of life. Of its purpose.

What to do with all the time we are given? How to use it wisely? To make it meaningful?

What makes sense?

We seem to be asking ourselves too many questions. One person on Tinder found an answer, and it resonated strongly in my mind.

The truth in its simplest form

The more I thought about it, the more confused I felt. Ever since I finished school and thus regained full possession of my time, I have felt lost. What should I do with my time?

On the subject of the meaning of life, the Pew Research Center conducted a survey at the end of 2017. An open-ended question asked Americans to describe in their own words what gave meaning to their lives. What made them feel most fulfilled or satisfied.

Here’s what emerged:

Source: Pew Research Center

The feeling of belonging to a group came first: the family. I can identify with that too.

But there is still a problem. Belonging to a group is not an activity in itself. And part of being human is doing things.

What is the meaning of what we do with our time, and how to fill it with meaning? The answer is: maybe there isn’t any.

When I came across this Tinder profile, I had an epiphany. Its bio summed up the state of my thinking about the meaning of life. This sentence appeared on the very first photo. I interrupted myself and stared at this little sentence. I took a screenshot of it.

It said:

“In life, all we do is keep ourselves busy.”

The purpose of life is to enjoy it

“Life is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it. The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning.” — Joseph Campbell

This sentence is liberating. If the only thing we do in life is to keep ourselves busy, it implies that there is no real purpose. No eternally higher level to reach.

Just us, and our time.

And the truth is that we have the power and the freedom to do absolutely what we want with it. To take (regain?) control.

It’s just an eternal search for joy. Moments.

I like the way the search for joy still includes many other spheres of life. Including parts considered “important” by society, such as education, work, or human relations.

Enjoying life resonates differently for everyone. For me, it means being aware of my reality, traveling, spending time in nature, surrounded by my loved ones, and revel in the best food the world has to offer; but it also means working to be able to do all of this.

This last point then led me to question myself, to find a job that would fulfill me.

It all makes sense. As soon as we release the pressure and expectations we put on life.

Keep yourself busy. And choose your occupations carefully. With your heart. I believe this formula can only lead to positive things.

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