I’m a Morning Person, But on My Terms Only

Auriane Alix
Which excludes cold showers, workouts, and meditation.
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This morning I woke up naturally at 7:43 a.m. I watched the rays of the summer sun, already high in the sky, pass through the shutters, and I felt at peace.

After a few minutes, I got up. I went straight to the kitchen and poured myself a huge glass of cold water. While waiting for my morning coffee to be ready, I prepared my breakfast: plain yogurt with organic muesli with no added sugar.

Breakfast has always been my number one activity of the day. It’s the way I like to wake up. I need those 20 minutes of calm and sweetness to wake up my body and mind. My breakfasts have been phone-free for a few years now since the day I decided that stressful notifications could wait.

At 8:30, I was in my car.

I started the engine, and I drove away from my parking lot. But I didn’t go to work. I didn’t go to the gym. I didn’t go to an appointment.

I went to the beach.

After 15 minutes of driving, I put my bare feet in the still fresh sand. After putting my things down, I went into the sea, almost alone on the beach. I swam for 20 minutes before returning to the sand and read a few pages of a novel by Dean Koontz before returning home, ready for a day’s work.

I’m NOT Interested in Your Sacrosanct Morning Routines.

How many articles extol the merits of an inhumane morning routine, requiring one to wake up at 4 or 5 a.m., to start with an intense workout, before taking a cold shower, to meditate for 30 minutes before finally having the immense privilege of having breakfast?

This can work for some people. I hope it does. But there’s no way I’m doing that.

I’ve tried. I’ve tried all of this. It seemed to change people’s lives so much that I decided to try it. I thought it was horrible. Such a start to the day made me cranky. I didn’t even want to get up, even though I’ve never been a great sleeper.

At first, I felt like a loser. I wondered why all these people could manage to do this, and find pleasure in the process when I couldn’t. And then I realized.

A morning routine has to be tailor-made. But like so many things in life, we are too lazy to get inside ourselves and make the effort to get to know ourselves and what works for us. Instead, we prefer to follow ready-made life rules that are supposed to work for everyone. When that’s impossible.

The day I understood this, I decided to respect my desires and needs. I became a morning person but only on my terms.

Those conditions include having breakfast — or brunch, even better. After that, writing, or taking a morning swim at the beach or going out to take pictures of the morning light. That’s what my ideal — and daily — morning routine looks like.

Call me lucky if you want. But there’s no such thing as luck. I’ve just taken my life into my own hands and made choices for myself, with all the risks that it entails.

Your Whole Life Should Be Tailor-Made.

Don’t force yourself to be something you’re not. Do things that suit you, your needs, and your desires. Don’t pretend to be a morning person in the same way that others do.

If you want to get up early, find a reason. Find the reasons why you want to interrupt your sleep. Personalize your perfect, favorite morning. Find out what you want to do with the first few moments of your day. They’re precious. Listen to yourself, listen to what your body and mind are telling you. That’s the key to living a life of well-being and personal fulfillment.

It works the same way for everything in life. Doing things that don’t suit you can’t last long. Doing things without knowing why — especially things that are difficult or require effort — won’t last long either.

Every choice, every decision in your life must be motivated by you. Not motivated because you follow the instructions of YouTube gurus or self-help books.

Live your life your way, not everyone else’s.

Mornings are the very first moments of your day. Make sure you greet them with pleasure and happiness, with the gratitude of being alive, not with resentment.

I bet you’ll wake up early tomorrow morning. I have a great pancake recipe if you want.

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