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William Paul Thomas Pleads Guilty to Corruption Before Retiring as Mayor Turner's Righthand Man

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Mayor Sylvester Turner and his top aide, William-Paul Thomas are frequent visitors of the historic Turkey Leg Hut.Facebook Page


This is not a good look for "Sly" as Mayor Sylvester Turner is affectionately referred to in some parts of Houston, Texas. But he's not called "Sly" for nothing. Why do people call Mayor Sylvester Turner "Sly" in these parts? Well, it's not because his name is Sylvester. According to the dictionary, sly means that a person has a cunning and deceitful nature about them. And this definition fits our crooked, lying, and conniving mayor perfectly. What does conniving mean? Well, when someone pretends to be ignorant on a matter that they are fully aware of like Mayor Sylvester oftentimes does, they are typically labeled as a conniving individual. So, is it possible that Mayor Sylvester Turner's right-hand man (William-Paul Thomas) was able to somehow plead guilty to federal public corruption charges, and Mayor Sylvester Turner does not know anything about it -- like he proclaimed yesterday, at City Hall, in downtown?


According to Criminal Case No. 4:22-cr-314, which was filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, William-Paul Thomas pled guilty to conspiracy to accept a cash bribe in exchange for changing a bar's classification to a restaurant. By doing so, it would allow the bar to stay open much longer than a restaurant was able to back during the time Mayor Turner and his good friend Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo were placing all of those "COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS" on churches, and local businesses.


My phone has been ringing off the hook since about 8:00 pm yesterday, Tuesday, August 2, 2022. Many local leaders and Third Ward residents are asking the question, "Is the business in question the Turkey Leg Hut?" Now, I'm not sure whether Houston's very own Turkey Leg Hut is the business behind the federal public corruption charges that William-Paul Thomas plead guilty to last week. However, I am going to do a little digging to see what I can find out.


On Tuesday, November 8, 2022, Harris County, Texas will be "GROUND ZERO" for the Midterm Election battle between Democrats and (GOP) Greater Opportunity Party in Texas. So, it's imperative that we all band together and "PUT AMERICA FIRST" by only supporting candidates who value our United States Constitution, and the laws that govern us as a free nation.

Early voting will begin on Monday, October 24, 2022, and end on Friday, November 4, 2022, in Texas. You can "CLICK HERE" to read this full report and learn more about the key races that will impact Harris County, Texas, and the key down-ballot matchups.

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