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Covid-19 Cases Are At An All-time High in Dallas

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Last August 4, the Texas Department of Health Services (DHSS) reported more than 19,000 new and probable COVID-19 cases in Texas, and that number has steadily gone up since then.

DSHS has also revealed that 7,685 people were hospitalized state-wide with the virus, and it is the highest number of COVID-19 patients hospitalized since February 18.

The DSHS spokesman said that the rolling seven-day average of new COVID-19 has increased by 92 percent since the last week of July, while hospitalizations have increased by 49 percent and deaths have increased by 15 percent.

Governor Abbott maintains that Texans understand what they need to do to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and confirms personal responsibility.

Hospitalizations in Dallas

The president and CEO of the Dallas-Forth Worth Hospital Council reported 1,922 COVID-19 patients in area hospitals. With 12.81 percent of bed capacity and 30.96 percent of adult ICU patients would imply that the virus is present in more than a quarter of adult ICU patients. A month earlier, there are 398 COVID-19 patients in hospitals, showing a significant increase in hospitalizations in thirty days.

The health officials of Dallas County have raised the COVID-19 threat level to red which is the highest on the county’s scale because of the sharp increase in coronavirus cases and hospitalizations. Dallas County’s said that the new risk rating reflects what is happening locally, and people should take all necessary precautions possible.

According to the report of the state epidemiologist for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it estimates that the delta variant is involved in more than 80% of all COVID-19 cases in the United States.

The delta variant is now responsible for more than 75%of COVID-19 cases in Texas, based on the preliminary data. The health department reported 60 more deaths in Texas. For July, the 7-day rolling average for deaths was 19; now, it has increased to 44 per day.

Experts have warned that hospitalizations and deaths are indicators of the severity of the pandemic and that both are likely to continue increasing for some time after cases have been identified.

Molecular and Antigen Positivity Rates

The molecular diagnostic tests, also known as the PCR tests, are used to detect the virus's genetic material. Antigen, also known as rapid tests, is used in diagnostic tests to detect specific proteins from viruses.

The Texas molecular positivity index, which was used as a barometer for the danger associated with the spread of the virus in the state has climbed to 17.71% last August 4.

The last time the index reached that level was on January 13.

The governor of Texas, reacting to this increase in new cases, maintains that the people of Texas understand what to do to stop the spread of the virus, and there is no need for any further intervention from him.

He further said that masking is a personal responsibility, and they can have the vaccine if they want to.

While speaking at a conference in Dallas, Governor Abbott recently stated that there would be no more government-imposed shutdowns or mask mandates in the future. As everyone already knows what to do. Everyone can voluntarily implement the regulations that are the safest for them, their families, and their businesses.

Medical experts continually remind the public that the vast majority of the COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are from people who have not been vaccinated against the virus.

They continue to reiterate the importance of vaccinations to help protect the people.

Furthermore, the unvaccinated are particularly vulnerable because of the rise of the delta variant. Wearing masks was also encouraged as another approach against the virus.

There are three suggested actions that all can take to limit the occurrence of the delta variant.

First, if you have not been vaccinated, do your own scientific research or speak with a reliable source and have your vaccination as soon as possible.

Please do it for the children under 12 of age as they cannot be vaccinated and rely on adults to protect them.

Second, always wear a mask whether you are vaccinated or not. And third, avoid hosting or attending possible spreader events. Have virtual meetings as an alternative for in-person meetings in the meantime.

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