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8 Finest Attractions of Long Beach You Must Explore this Summer

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You could visit Long Beach unplanned and still have an amazing time.

This coastline city has got so much filling every corner that it's impossible to not have a good time.

However, allow us to make some recommendations and add more focus to your travel plans. Here are the 8 best activities to engage in Long Beach city!

Witness A Slice of the Modern Long Beach with 2nd Street

As a central hub of Long Beach, 2nd Street is brimming with Dive bars, cheap and expensive dining options, and strip malls!

The street's also an area where you'll encounter much of the younger Long Beach crowd, just going about their day. It's a happening place, with just about everything to meet your needs. Why not make a day of it and take a walk across the entire street?

Get some gift shopping done, try out some of the local beers, and grab a bite when hunger pangs strike.

Rosie's Dog Beach Provides Both A Nice Walk & Sights

Who doesn’t love dogs and walking? And that’s exactly what Rosie's Dog Beach is all about.

With designated zones for dog walking, you can choose to either just stroll along the seaside, or sit down and take a look at all the good boys walking around.

Heck, you could even ask for permission and pet some of them! We know we'd try to, at least. Of course, maintain proper etiquette and don't run after someone's dog without their permission. No matter how strong the urge is to pick a puppy up and dash.

Food with a View - an Evergreen Combo!

The Shoreline Village, as the name implies, is a waterfront area that harbors all sorts of restaurants and activities. You could rent a bicycle and ride around the area.

Explore its nooks and crannies, find some hidden gem of a café, and enjoy the overall ambiance.

Try to stick around until sunset for one of the most elegant views you've ever witnessed. However, the real sight is watching the Village light up a bit by bit as darkness arrives, providing an almost magically rustic setting.

Carousels, cruises, antique shops, and unbelievable seafood will make this trip worth your while.

Experience a Live Lounge & Fine Dining at the Tantalum Restaurant

The Tantalum Restaurant may be one of the pricier dining options on the itinerary. However, we're here to assure you that the money spent will be entirely worth it.

Providing an outdoor lakeside dining experience is a big point in the restaurant's favor. Aside from the scenic view, however, you'll be treated to some of the best high-end food Long Beach has to offer.

And best of all is the Live Lounge in the restaurant. Featuring a rotating repertoire of musicians and singers, every trip to the Tantalum feels new and fresh.

The ambiance created by passionate musicians practicing their craft is honestly what makes the Tantalum Restaurant what it is.

Enjoy a Fun Casino Night at the Looff's Lite-A-Line

The Looff's Lite-A-Line is a very unique gambling experience. Touted as a "Casino Game of Skill", the Lite-A-Line games are a fun combination of pinball and bingo.

Created by Charles Looff all the way back in 1941, the games have been back and forth across many locations in the US. Finally, they settled in Long Beach, ready to be played by tourists such as yourself. Although the true essence of the games is still present, there are some inevitable updates.

The machines now have slots for modern swiping cars, creating a convenient gambling experience.

Unwind with a Great Movie at the Independent Art Theater

The Art Theater is the only independent theater left on Long Beach Island. Established in the 1920s the location's seen it all - earthquakes, recessions, remodeling, to the point that it was almost unrecognizable at one point.

However, it was eventually renovated using blueprints from the '30s, restoring the theater to its original glory.

Now, it holds the status of antiquity. Playing films both big-budget and independent, old and new, there's something for everyone here.

The Art Theater also has live productions! Check out the place at Saturday midnight to catch a run of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Have A Solid Laugh at The Laugh Factory

The Laugh Factory is your go-to place for a good chuckle. Featuring only the best of local stand-up comedians, it's a good way of supporting local acts while also having a good time! You can even go visit the Stand-Up Comedy Hall of Fame & Museum while you're at it.

Featuring memorabilia from over 500 famous comedians, such as Groucho Marx, it's a nice area to walk through. The place even has wax figures of well-known comics such as Whoopi Goldberg and Eddie Murphy.

Take a Gander at the Cowboy Country Saloon

The Cowboy Country Saloon looks and feels like you walked into an upper establishment from the Wild West itself. It’s also got a lot to offer.

And top of the list is good country music which, Lord knows, is difficult to come across nowadays.

They have a great selection of beer from both local breweries and outside manufacturers. Best of all, if you visit during Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and 7 and 8 PM, there are free dance lessons! Last, of all, wear off all that tiredness with a healthy amount of well-made local food.

The Long Beach areas got a lot more to it than just this list. The city's so big, you could easily come across something new and exciting on every trip. It’s an absolute gem of the California state, and with this itinerary in mind, you'll have an excellent trip ahead of you!

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