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Top-Rated Activities You Must Add to Your Itinerary in Denver

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Up for a trip to Denver? The Mile-High City, which is 5,280 feet above sea level, is a location unlike any other in the USA. Maybe it’s the surrounding mountains that add to Denver's charm or maybe it's the thriving art and music culture!

However, if you've chosen to make Denver your destination for a dream vacation, we're here to help design the itinerary. Here are the best activities you can do while in the Rocky Mountains.

The Red Rocks Amphitheatre Is Any Music Lover's Dream Come True

Concert arenas nowadays aren't exactly scenic marvels. They're typically metallic constructions, built on top of a plain strip of land that people can dance on. Now, imagine going to a concert, but being nestled into a mountainside.

Surrounded by beautiful, mixed shades of red-brown rock formations, there's nothing quite like it in the world. When the Red Rocks began construction in the 1920s, its architect Burnham Hoyt went for a minimalistic approach. He wanted to preserve as much of the natural surroundings as possible. By gosh, it shows.

The Red Rocks can easily prove to be the most scenic stop of your entire trip to Denver. If you attend the right concert, it'll also be hands-down the most enjoyable!

Drop by the Crooked Stave for a Refreshing Pint

A trip to any state in the USA has to be accompanied by trying the local craft brews. The Crooked Stave may be new to the craft scene, having only been established in 2010, but it made a splash! Now revered in Denver as the go-to spot for local artisanal craft beer, it's a nice place to kick back, relax, and open a cold one with the pals! IPAs, aged sour ales, Saisons, they've got it all. It's the best look you can get at local breweries, and we highly recommend stopping by.

Take an imaginative Stroll to the Art District On Santa Fe

Santa Fe is one of the Colorado state's assigned "creative districts", and it shows. Dotted with over 30 art galleries, studios, and artisan businesses, it truly is a sight to see. You could be observing murals painted across walls on the outside, or viewing local art culture on the inside. Much of the art is inspired by the Latin residents of Denver.

In fact, a lot of Santa Fe's Hispanic roots can be found in the food, art, and even meticulously choreographed dance routines. It's a lovely neighborhood, which will yield something new every time you walk through it.

Cycle Across the Scenic Cherry Creek Regional Trail

The Cherry Creek Trail is a 40-mile stretch that starts in Denver and then proceeds to extend up to the Arapahoe and Douglas counties. Of course, the point isn't abandoning your vacation destination. Instead, have an idyllic cycling trip through just the most gorgeous scenery this side of the West.

You could even choose to rent out rollerblades, skateboards, or just walk.

Be prepared to soak in the lush greenery that beautifully contrasts with the surrounding mountains. And if you are lucky, you may even encounter deer and other signs of peaceful wildlife! The Cherry Creek is a sight that beckons visitors to come back each time they visit.

Go Skiing in The Mountains During the Winter Season

While this may come off as one of the more "vanilla" entries on the list, skiing is ultimately a blast. Sometimes, it's best to leave the more intricate activities behind us, and go hurling down a mountain! Denver's surrounding the Rocky Mountains are some of the best places to go skiing.

The beautiful landscapes you'd be encountering on your way up and down are alone worth the ride. There's also no end to the number of ski resorts in the area, both near and far. That'll allow you some flexibility in the budget department, so go wild!

Test Your Gaming Skills At The 1Up Arcade Bar

We've already discussed the city's local craft beer scene, but hear us out. At the 1Up Arcade Bar, alcohol is only part of the fun. The rest of it comes in the form of dozens of authentic arcade games and titles sprawling across the location.

And we're not talking about any old knock-off titles, these are the real OGs. Donkey Kong, Contra, Burger Time, Moonwalker, Ms. Pacman, Punch-Out, there's no end to the amount of entertainment that can follow! So drop by at Happy Hour. If you just want to soak in the ambiance and kick a few drinks back, sure. If you really want to relive the nostalgia and take a crack at the arcade games, you won't regret it!

And that's it! You must have noticed something across all the entries, and that is how much the people of Denver contribute to our entries. The city's natural beauty is a sight to behold, no doubt. But what really makes it shine is how the locals have integrated themselves into everyday life. You can see Denver in the amphitheater's careful architecture.

You can see it in the murals sprawling across Santa Fe. There's a little bit of Denver at the end of every beer glass and hidden behind the carefully curated arcade games.

As we've mentioned before, there's nothing else quite like Denver on the map. Making it your vacation destination is the best decision you'll have made in quite a long time!

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