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10 Must-See places in Colorado Springs that You Cannot Miss This Summer

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Colorado Springs is amid the mountains - such that the shadow of the lofty peaks is over the springs. It looks like the mountain is looking at you while you enjoy the atmosphere near the springs. In this account, we will look at the ten places you must see in Colorado Springs.

1. Red Rock Canyon open space

On the west side of the city, and next to Manitou springs lies this open space park. The park is surrounded by ridges and gnarled canyons, along with sandstone rocks. These three elements combine to portray a unique view of the park.

You can enjoy biking and hiking on the trails to enjoy the view and weather. Due to the nearness of spring, the weather and atmosphere are humid that makes the weather pleasant.

2. Magic Town

In terms of a building, this place is a museum with many art pieces and sculptures. It is located in the old Colorado city and is a treasure adorned by the state.

It is not only an art and museum gallery, but a place that confuses you with mirrors, projectors, and loud music that creates the mood and increases the experience.

This place is worth visiting while you are near Colorado Springs.

3. Foothills and Garden of Gods

It is one of the fascinating places in Colorado; it is a dream of many people. It has got some of the hardest yet beautiful trails. Along with the hiking trail, there is a spectacular rock formation. It is one of the natural landmarks with all the beauties of nature, whether it be spring, mountain, or greenery.

4. Cave of The Winds Mountain Park

This park is a unique recreational location where the maze of caves keeps you thrilled throughout the journey. Colorado Springs is known for the mountains surrounding them.

One must visit this park to have some quality recreation.

5. Poor Richard

Richard Skorman is a legend of Colorado since 1975; he was a bookstore keeper who always had a parrot on his shoulder. In 1982, his bookstore was into ashes. He, along with the financial help of a person, rebuilt the building.

He built it to create a place for poor people. It comprises a bookstore, toy shop, café, and restaurant. You can have a great family time at a lower price. It is on Tejon Street, and you must visit this place while you are in Colorado Springs.

6. Stargazers Theater

If you are looking for something unique and indoor, then this place is the best for you. It might look like a planetarium to you, but in reality, it is an artistic building with monumental architecture built in 1969. This place has gone through many modifications, and today it is truly a magnificent place with red carpet and decorative walls.

They organize over 150 events here each year - so there’s something for everyone. Enjoy a fun and exciting time with your friends and family at this theater.

7. Pikes Peak via Barr Trail

It is one of the highest trails, and only professional hikers will get to enjoy this view. The altitude of this peak is 7800 feet, along with a paved trail path. There are marks of rocks and ways that make hiking easier.

It almost takes 6-10 hours to climb up this trail and enjoy a breath-taking view of Colorado Springs from the top.

8. Olive Tap

In the center of Manitou springs lies the Olive Tap. It is a shop that deals with original olive oils. They have a wide variety of oil, from extra virgin to pomace. They also have a variety of vinegar, spices, and culinary products that enhance the taste of food.

While you are in Colorado, you must get it packed for use and witness the reserves of olive oil.

9. Flying W Ranch

On the Chuckwagon road, there is a representation of Western culture. It portrays many destinations, like smoked meat, culture, western performances, instrumentation, and many other activities. It is not only a cultural complex but also has various activities like hiking, animals, and you also get to see hat-making, shoemaking, horseshoeing, and silversmiths. All these activities fill the experience of the trip and make it worthwhile.

10. Fargo’s Pizza

You usually get hungry while being in the spring, nearby water. To serve you the best food, Fargo is the best place to have a meal. This place sells the most delicious pizza, and the exterior of the restaurant is vintage showing an old horse and carriage mural.

The restaurant has a capacity of 500 people, and it is known for the legend since the restaurant opened in 1973. Fargo was a gambler who had no interest in life until he met Sophia. Sophia is an heiress; they both worked to make the restaurant successful. One must visit this place to have the best time in Colorado.

All these places are one of their kind, and the waters of springs add more attraction to them. The sandstones and the rocky mountains attract mountain lovers from all around the world. They come here to witness a piece of heaven in this world. So, what are you waiting for? Start packing and get moving.

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