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10 Kid-Friendly Places in Newark You Must Explore With Your Family This Summer

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Kids these days are sharp enough to grasp the concepts that we as kids were unable to absorb. To satiate their curiosity for knowledge, parents go out of the way to take them to places that can introduce them to new concepts.

Not only do they want their kids to be knowledgeable, but they want them to enjoy the little things in life. To help parents keep their kids busy, here is a list of 10 places that the children must explore while being in Newark. You get to witness a lot of cultures, and there is a lot to learn for kids and adults alike.

1. Newark Museum

This place is something more than evidence of history; it is a fun city filled with creative activities for kids. They can paint all they want. They can play with building blocks and put their creativity in it, and they can also explore computer-aided tools in the maker space. It is an educational and leisurely place for kids, and they won't get bored at all.

2. Newark Print Shop

One might get confused about how such a place can be a source of enjoyment or education. But it is true you can get the tools to make customized designs and print your own merchandise only for $10. This place is for kids who are interested in computers and designing.

Kids get to learn and also get their own customized merchandise that will remain embedded in their memories forever.

3. Barcade

Every kid is a fan of games, and arcade games are their weakness. Kids can do anything if their parents promise them to take them for gaming. Unlike other gaming zones, this place is family-friendly. One can come with the whole family and play with their kids.

There are many arcade games in this complex, along with food of kid's choice. Thus, it is a wholesome entertainment package for you to make your kid's vacation successful.

4. Prudential Center

It is a place where everything related to GRAMMY awards is available. You can go here with your family to enjoy playing different musical instruments.

You can sing and dance here on the beats of those instruments. It is also known as GRAMMY's museum, as all the portraits of winners of GRAMMY awards are displayed here. It is an interactive place and a full-time entertainment package for the whole family.

5. Newark riverfront park

There is absolutely no kid who doesn’t love to visit parks. This park’s specialty is the oasis by the river. It attracts many visitors to see such a sight of natural grandeur. T

here are many activities for the kids like running, playing water sports, and different play areas. Many dances and singing events occur here to keep the audience interested. It is a family place where each individual can enjoy within the same premises.

6. Boomkids

It is a fun-filled place for kids to celebrate their happiness; one can have a birthday party or enjoy a disco-themed party. This place has many party essentials. There is a fun zone, magicians, photo booths, and superheroes' booths; that attract every kid.

It is one of the superb places in the city of Newark. While you are here, you can treat your kids to the best party experience.

7. Laser Bounce

Kids love to play with balls and such stuff; gaming is their favorite hobby that makes them happy. There are many games like laser tag, bowling, arcade games, virtual reality game, and bouncers. It is more than an arcade, and kids absolutely love this place.

It is an entertainment place for families, to spend some time together to know each other better.

8. Arena STEM

It is an educational and entertainment place for kids who aspire to become young scientists. Kids who have a keen interest in science and technology should explore this place. Here different workshops are held to teach kids about technology. There are professional trainers to train kids and fill them with new skills.

9. Arty Pots

It is an art room in Newark that allows kids and adults of all ages to paint different pottery pieces. They have quality pottery pieces and non-toxic paints; once you have painted the pots. They are glazed and heated for 3-5 days to finish your artwork.

The place provides you with mobile and internet services and is the best place for your little artist to show off art skills.

10. Robin Hoods Wheel gate Park

Parks are a source of amusement; this park has unlimited rides that are full of thrill. The park also has water rides and is located at the edge of the Sherwood Forest is one of its attractions.

It is a vast park with many activities to explore one day is not enough to explore all the activities of this park. It is an exciting place for kids of all ages, even families can have a wonderful time here.

All these ten places are kid-friendly, which helps them learn and grow. These places are both entertaining and educational to groom the kids. These experiences will become the most cherishable memories for your younger ones, which will keep them safe in their hearts forever.

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