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8 Best Attractions of Aurora You Cannot Miss This Summer

Asmita Karanje
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Aurora is one of the principal cities of Denver; it is also known as "The Gateway to the Rockies." This city is not discovered much, even by its inhabitants. Despite being the third-most populous city of Colorado, it is still underrated and unexplored - especially its arts, culture, and outdoors. I have listed 8 such attractions that you must explore while in Colorado.

1. Cherry Creek State Park

Cherry creek state park is a spot where walking is not the only option. One can indulge in many sports like boating, swimming, powerboats, sailboats, and paddle crafts. One can witness some rare wildlife and many colorful birds. There are over 40 species in the park; some of these include coyotes, raccoon, mule deer, and white-tailed deer. If you like to stay here, you can book a restroom and enjoy a clean and beautiful environment.

2. Stanley Marketplace

Marketplaces depict the culture of any place; it is a multi-purpose mall that offers a variety of products to customers. There are electric shops, food, shops, a gym, and other activities. This marketplace is an amalgamation of many markets like Mondo, June Ruby, and others where you can seek jewelry, food, and other accessories.

3. Southlands

It is the largest open-air mall existing in the USA, where one can walk endlessly and visit the local life of Aurora. This place sells unique Colorado gifts that you won’t find anywhere else. You also get to taste their traditional spices from the famous spice store. The mall comprises many comfortable restaurants where after strenuous shopping, one can have a peaceful dining experience. You won't regret shopping here.

4. Arapahoe Park

Arapahoe is a park to spend your weekend lavishly with your friends and family. There are racing tracks and riding tracks to have a race or ride on horseback. You can enjoy some great food and find the most delicious snacks within the premises of the park. One can spot many horses nearby. It is an ideal place to spend your holiday and if you visit it once, you will long to come to this place again.

5. Aurora History Museum

If you have a love for history and culture, and you are interested in exploring more about the history of Aurora. Then this is the best spot to become nostalgic, the entry to this museum is free, and the atmosphere is clean and safe. This museum is famous, and many photographers aspire to this museum. Many exhibitions happen here throughout the year due to the historical importance of this museum. You can explore this museum with your friends and family to spot many old items like the wooden water pipes of the 1800s. It portrays the life of elders and their practices. This museum is also famous among schools as many educational trips come to this museum.

6. Great Plains Park

For spending summers, parks are the most refreshing places to spend some quality time with family. This park is a family park, which is ideal for your kids. Kids enjoy a lot in this park and make some great, long-lasting memories. People can enjoy bike riding as the park has biking tracks. Bike lovers love this park, and people from all around the world, enjoy this experience. It is a less popular attraction, but those who have visited this place wish to come here again.

7. Vintage theater

Vintage themes are one of the most attractive aspects that attract people. The vintage theater is one of its kind drama theater dealing with various genres from comedy to classical. The theater is quite comfortable with comfy seats where you can snacks and drinks. The theater staff will help you in any way you need. Every year at Christmas, an event occurs here, which is loved by everyone. People wait for this event to have the best entertainment experience. On summer weekends, this place is the best to watch an entertainment show and fill hues in their holidays.

8. Launch Pad Brewery

It is one of the funkiest places in the town, and it sells the best brews. In a rocket-themed taproom, they serve freshly brewed beers. It is a natural spot with much decoration from Spartan times.

The staff here is super friendly and will provide you with the best items. It is a peaceful place to catch on some memories and sharing your thoughts over a drink. It is a must-visit place for every tourist who steps foot on the land of Aurora.

This project was a part of the space program and is on a launchpad. The rocket theme is evidence of this program. So those who have a keen interest in rockets and space should come and enjoy the thematic view with their favorite drink.

All these eight places are an escape from city life. You won't regret spending some tranquil time exploring art and culture.

In summers, the beauty of this place is at its peak. Such that the place is ready to host its visitors with warmth and dignity.

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