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9 Attractions You Must Visit in Virginia Beach

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If you are looking for a getaway where you will not only enjoy scenic beaches but explore art hubs, historical sites, and other natural views, Virginia Beach is the best place for you.

First Landing State Park

First Landing State Park is the first landing place of Jamestown colonists when they arrived in the United States. It is an amazing outdoor attraction because visitors can swim, hike, trek, bike, camp, and have picnics. Legend has it that Blackbeard hid in one part of the park.

The place is also rich in habitats such as lagoons, cypress swamps, and maritime forests filled with a diversity of wildlife.

Numerous exhibits and facilities for rent for special events are also available for visitors. Its popular trails and recreational and educational activities are well-loved by all tourists.

Cape Henry Lighthouse

The very first lighthouse approved by Congress is Cape Henry Lighthouse. The brick lighthouse is not only attractive but also historic as it has seen many events throughout its more than 300 years of existence.

It is a very scenic landmark that is also very important for shipping traffic since it allows traders to easily navigate along the coasts of Virginia and Maryland. Climbing the lighthouse will provide excellent views though ascending the lighthouse could be taxing. The steps were built in the olden times, so beware while coming down - these are narrow and steep. Also, carry a windcheater when you are atop the lighthouse as it can get very windy in certain seasons.

Those who are unable to climb the lighthouse can visit the gift shop with very interesting items.

Military Aviation Museum

The Military Aviation Museum will appeal to both historical aficionados and aviation fans. This museum, as the name implies, is filled with military aircrafts particularly World War I and World War II planes that have been rebuilt to their original condition.

A de Havilland Mosquito, a plane chiefly made of wood, and a Messerschmitt ME 262, the world's first jet-powered fighter plane, are among the highlights of the museum collection. Tourists are always impressed by the collection of planes and the amazing tour in the area.

Travelers can take a flight in one of the planes for an additional fee of $375 per person but they are only available between April and October. Ticketholders have access to all the exhibits and the gift shop of the museum.

Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art

The museum is committed to inspiring and nurturing the discovery and comprehension of contemporary and modern art.

The award-winning museum building provides wide exhibition space and showcases a variety of exhibitions from sculptures, paintings, photography, drawings, glass, and videos.

It is also active in providing outdoor art shows, educational outreach programs, and studio art classes involving local and forthcoming artists to encourage the community to be interested in arts.

The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

The Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, situated just south of Rudee Inlet, features numerous species of animals that are fostered in various habitats, including the Bay & Ocean Pavilion for the marine animals and the Marsh Pavilion for the rivers and marsh animals. Beautiful outdoor hiking and walking trails run alongside Owls Creek Salt Marsh joins two pavilions.

It also conducts workshops that aim to promote marine environment research and preservation. This is a great place to visit if you're looking for fun things to do in Virginia Beach with kids.

The Adventure Park

The Adventure Park is ideal for those looking for a little adrenaline rush.

The park, located near the boardwalk and situated on the grounds of the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, is a large, forested area with platforms hanging from the trees. Swinging stairs, difficult aerial walks, and ziplining among the giant trees will put your skills to the test.

It is cool even during the hot days and a nice spot to view Owls Creek. This attraction is fun-packed and adventure-filled, making it a great outing location.

Back Bay Wildlife Refuge

Just behind Sandbridge Beach, this tourist attraction features freshwater marshes, beaches, forested areas, and dunes. It is a refuge for migratory birds, deer, otters, bobcats, muskrats, and critters.

This makes the area a favorite among researchers and conservationists. It is also a place to have nature walks and do paddle boarding.

False Cape State Park

This scenic spot encloses vast patches of undeveloped beaches, marshes, dunes, and woodlands. Visitors are allowed to bike, hike, trek, and camp in the park trails. The park can also be reached by boat because of the lack of road access, providing a feeling of peaceful remoteness even if the park is near the city.

The Virginia Beach Boardwalk

This vast oceanfront highlights a distinct bike path that is perfect for rollerblading, strolling, and biking. Different kinds of entertainment such as concerts are featured every night om summer. Along the boardwalk, tourists can also enjoy a food feast with a line-up of restaurants and vendors.

Nautical sculptures beautify the side streets that lead to Atlantic Avenue. The area is also a place to find the enormous King Neptune bronze statue found at the entrance of the Neptune Festival Park on 31st Street.

The Virginia Beach Area is certainly an awesome place to cool off especially in a hot summer. You will not only enjoy its beautiful beaches but witness creativity and experience wonderful activities along with the scenery of beautiful wildlife creatures.

Travel safe. Follow the travel guidelines of the county before you plan your visit.

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