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8 Lesser-known Places You Must Explore When in Omaha

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Named the “Gateway to the West,” Omaha is known for its world-class zoos, delicious steaks, and other global cuisines. Located on the Missouri River, it is a city of cobblestone streets combined with a modern skyline.

There are many parks, museums, and gardens in Omaha but I have curated a list of some lesser-known places that await your visit.

Lauritzen Gardens

The Lauritzen Gardens is a botanical garden and arboretum which is located in South Omaha, Nebraska. There are three miles of trails where you can enjoy the blooms of peonies, roses, herbs, and other greeneries.

Founded in 1995, it has expanded to gardens on many themes like the Nebraskan prairies called the Song of the Lark Meadow or the English and Victorian themes.

The gardens also feature a bird sanctuary, a model railroad, and an educational center.

Omaha Craft Brewery

This is one of the best attractions of Omaha, especially for beer fans. You can go on the Omaha craft brewery tour where you will see nine different breweries which have distinct flavors for each one. Omaha craft breweries are located all over the city.

You can take the Omaha Brew Bus which provides transportation while you have fun listening to the tour guides explaining the brewery process. Taste all the beers and you will notice Omaha’s craft breweries’ originality and versatility.

By the end of the tour, you will have a new appreciation of beer.

Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge

This is an amazing 3,000-foot-long walkway that stretches across the Missouri River, giving the pedestrians a spectacular view of Omaha’s skyline.

The bridge is also connected to more than 150 miles of nature trails where you can walk or bike. If you are looking for doing great things for free, then take a stroll on the Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge.

The bridge was named after Senator Bob Kerry who secured funding for the bridge in 2000. It is a cable-stayed bridge designed by a Kansas City infrastructure design firm. It is one of the best ways of experiencing the amazing city of Omaha, Nebraska.

Joslyn Art Museum

Nearly 90 years old, the Joslyn Art Museum is considered one of the top art establishments in the region.

Opened in 1931, it is the only museum in the state that has a comprehensive permanent collection included are the outstanding art collections of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries of American and European artists such as Pierre-August Renoir and William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

You can also see great works from the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Joslyn Art Museum will provide you with one of the best cultural experiences in Omaha.

Omaha Zoo

You can have a desert experience even when indoors. Omaha Zoo is the largest indoor desert in the world and also has the biggest rainforest in North America.

It also houses indoor exhibits, underground caves, and numerous animals. The aquarium of the zoo also serves as a hub for recreation, education, and conservation.

Omaha Zoo has been existing for over 100 years already and since then, it has been an interesting study site. The zoo has been proclaimed many times as one of the world’s best zoos making it an awesome place to visit.

Dundee Neighborhood

The Dundee Neighborhood is visited by tourists because of the rich cuisines it offers. If you are looking for different kinds of flavors, this Omaha tourist spot is for you.

The attraction is filled with all sorts of food from tasty burgers, flavorful pasta, juicy pork belly, sweet desserts, and many more. You can eat to your heart’s delight in this place. The Dundee Neighborhood streets are full of local ingredients so you can shop everything here if you love to cook too. It also prides itself on having the most enormous Scotch whiskey collection in the United States.

With this, the neighborhood streets became a flourishing business district. Dundee Neighborhood is also a historic district because it houses two notable parks which are Memorial Park and Elmwood Park.

This spot becomes livelier during Dundee Day when dance showdowns and neighborhood festivals are held.

River City Star

You can enjoy a trip down the Missouri River in this paddlewheel riverboat. It has comfortable seats, large viewing windows, a full bar, and open areas at the stern and bow to allow visitors to have an amazing viewing experience.

There is a space in the upper deck for the band and DJ to perform. Aside from the amazing music, tourists can eat lunch and dinner while enjoying the view from the cruise.

Fontenelle Forest

Fontenelle Forest is a National Natural Landmark and at the same time a National Historic District that features a nature center, hiking trails, picnic facilities, children’s camps, and a gift shop. This enormous area in the southeastern area of Omaha has woodland, prairie, and woodland trails where you can observe various wildlife such as bald eagles, deer, hawks, and other birds.

The forest has a wide diversity of flora and fauna including interesting spots such as a hardwood deciduous forest, loess hills, extensive floodplains, and marshlands. Its main feature is the Fontenelle Forest Nature Center’s Raptor Woodland Refuge that showcases rescued birds of prey.

You will surely not fall short on places to visit while in Omaha because of the richness of the place. If you are looking for a diverse tourist spot to visit, Omaha would give you a wonderful experience.

Travel safe. Follow the travel guidelines of the county before you plan your visit.

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