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8 Awesome Places You Must Explore in Washington DC

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In the mid of Virginia and Maryland exists the heart of the United States of America–the capital of the USA. It is human nature that people get attracted to the sparkly things instead of going out of the way to see those unappreciated sights.

In this account, the eight amazing places that one should explore on their trip to Washington DC. You won't regret visiting these fragments of paradise.

These places are some of the sights that even locals of Washington are unaware of and will love to know that they have the honor to host these places.

1. United States Botanic Garden

There are many gardens worth visiting, but this is one of the serenest places in Washington. If you seek peace amidst all the chaos, then you must go to this place. This garden is in the upper North West of the state and depicts culture and history.

It is also known as a museum of plants and one of the cleanest ecosystems with a variety of floras.

2. US National Arboretum

Nature is adored by every being specially in this age and time. This botanical garden was established in 1927 according to the United States Act.

This widespread garden has a variety of shrubberies, even those from Asia, Azalea, and different variabilities of conifers.

3. The Phillips Collection

If you are an art freak, then this is the best-suited place for you. The collection envelopes 2500 art pieces of the world's most famous artists from the 19th and 20th centuries.

This gallery holds a brilliant collection of Picasso, Renoir, Manet, Okeefe, and many legendary artists.

4. Albert Einstein Memorial

This memorial is one of the attractions of the National Assembly of Sciences. Most people miss out on this venture due to ignorance. It is a masterpiece monument to pay tribute to the bequest of the scientist's efforts. On weekdays you can visit the memorial during working hours.

5. President Lincoln's Cottage

The Armed Forces Retirement House is the location of this cottage and the house of President Lincoln. He used to ride his horse from his residence to the downtown in Washington.

This cottage is not furnished, but one can get a lot of ideas about a museum. Lincoln spent a lot of time in this cottage, and it is a historical place of eminence for youngsters to peak at the history. It is an embodiment of the rich culture, history, and life of Lincoln.

6. Maine Avenue Fish Market

The Southwest waterfront in Washington DC has an open-air fish market. It is the oldest bazaar for fish with all qualities and types of fish. One gets to witness all kinds of seafood and can enjoy the delicate, fleshy taste of fresh fish. It is the home place of the dock and has the privilege of serving many fishes.

Despite being the oldest, this place lacks nothing, and anyone who visits this market gets excited and enjoys their food. This place is not only good for food only. But have an exceptional view; that you miss on crowded streets. The fish market has loud serenity, which means that despite the traffic of people and fishes, the sight still tranquilizes the souls.

7. Rock Creek Park Horse Center

Parks attract all age groups; they are a source of excitement for younger ones and a source of peace for older people. This park is not famous among the visitors, but it surely treats its guests with a lot of adventure.

Even if people know about the rock creek park through locals, they are oblivious of the stable inside that park. Yes, a park with a stable does exist deep inside the woods where visitors can enjoy trail rides on ponytails or horses. You can also learn to ride and have the best time of your life.

8. Spanish Steps

The name might not intrigue you, but the sight will surely do. In an urban area lies an oasis depicting hope and calmness. Even the locals have no idea that this place exists. Thanks to the travel wanderers who discovered this of its kind location.

These steps were constructed in the early 20th century. It has a unique design of stairs and a fountain at the center. It is a quixotic place with a great view and privacy. You can enjoy the afternoon walk here and have endless talks with your loved ones. It is a quiet place like a park on the North-West side of the USA, and you must save some time for these places.

While you are in Washington, it will be a waste if you miss out on these places. They are all nearby, so you can cover most of them in less than 2-3 days.

These places are easy to approach and are not an expensive luxury. Anyone with a joyful heart and love for nature would love their time in this beautiful city. Travel safe. Follow the travel guidelines of the county before you plan your visit.

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