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8 Finest Attractions of Oakland You Must Explore This Spring

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Spring is the beginning of new arrivals, with flowers blooming around in gardens. It brings smiles to the gloomy faces and motivates people to go for visiting new places and discover what the world has veiled.

Oakland is the eighth-largest city in the California state; it has a port that makes it a hot spot for trading. Usually, when people visit California, they only discover the famous places mentioned in travel blogs.

But here are the eight best alluring spots of Oakland that are a must-stopover by anyone who goes to Oakland.

1. Oracle Arena

To enjoy an indoor game with a 360 degrees view is a dream of many people. You get to see movies in arenas, but a live game is rare. This arena is the residence of the Golden State Warriors and is the primogenital arena in Oakland.

The Oracle arena can hold up to 20,000 people, and if you wish to watch a basketball match; then you must book earlier as the seats might run short. This place will show you the culture and ceremonials of Oakland in one picture.

2. Jack London Square

It is a beautiful waterfront in California with a serene view and calm atmosphere. It is named in remembrance of the famous author Jack London. There are a lot of activities at this waterfront; travelers can have drinks, food, and vacant rooms.

You can enjoy playing different games and doing other sports at a stunning spot. Sunday mornings are the busiest for this location; people come from faraway places to enjoy their weekends with their friends and family. It is one of the finest attractions of Oakland, with too much to experience.

3. Old Presidential Yacht

Another name for this yacht is "Floating White House" as President Franklin D. Roosevelt resided on this yacht often. This yacht is USS Potomac and was built in 1934. It was for spending some quality time, along with dealing with political matters. After the death of the President, the yacht was sold to another customer. Thus, after going through the circle, it was officially handed to the Oakland port. The yacht is famous among the visitors, and you can enjoy the tour of this yacht. It also offers cruises to its visitors to make their trip remarkable.

4. Darling Dunsmuir House

It is one of the historical places of Oakland with a lot of lush greenery and flowers. It is the ideal place for a vacation during spring as the flowers are at their full bloom.

This place also has an oasis that depicts hope, optimism, and serenity. It is rich in history, culture, and scenic beauty; one will delve into its magnificence and charms. You can simply have a picnic at this place while adoring the surroundings, or you can host your wedding at its banquet hall.

5. Morcom Rose Garden

You are in California to enjoy the spring, so it would be a shame if you won't visit this rose garden. It is a valuable hidden gem of Oakland with thousands of rows of red roses. It displays such a captivating sight that remains engraved in the hearts of visitors.

Specifically, in the months of springs (April and May), it is the best time to appreciate the hidden splendor of roses. You can capture some aesthetic photos here to put them in your travel album.

6. Fox Theater

You may or may not have heard of this historically advanced place; the renovation was by Jerry Brown –mayor of Oakland –he had the vision to depict history with the latest trends. The theater has history and culture engraved in its walls, but the structure was remodeled as a modern building.

It is a famous spot for musicians and bands to show off their talent. Many concerts occur in this theater, and this place is always full of musical sounds.

7. Fruitvale

It is a historical place where Hispanic people resided and spent their lives. It is a versatile market with many activities, tasty food, stalls, galleries, and desserts available at every corner of this neighborhood. It has Mexican, Spanish, continental, and traditional varieties of food.

There is a museum as well that has the fragments of history preserved in a safe place.

8. Uptown and Downtown

You might be confused at the mention of such a simple place, but believe it, it will be your best experience. You are in a foreign land, and the best thing is to explore their market and culture.

While taking a walk in this neighborhood, you can visit the stores, book shops, galleries, and other small shops. You will also come across some tall buildings among the smaller ones.

They will depict the face of Oakland and will fill you up with their cultural norms.

All these places are unique and a must-go place to have a joyful trip. So pack your suitcases this spring to have a colorful spring in an extraneous land. These places might not appear in the usual guides but are worth visiting.

Travel safe. Follow the travel guidelines of the county before you plan your visit.

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