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8 Finest Attractions Of Richmond You Must Explore This Spring

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There's an undeniable charm that Virginia holds. Case and point? It's the central city - Richmond. The size of a city and the atmosphere of a town, a lot of things tie Richmond to both the present and the past. So, if your backpack's catching dust, we've got the country roads to shrug it back into form!

Richmond Folk Festival: A mirror into US culture

Nearly all of Richmond, VA's charm and sense of community can easily be summarized and delivered in this one extravagant festival for the ages. The event celebrates music and arts, brought to you by the Richmond locals themselves. The Richmond Folk Festival is unique for two reasons, a fantastic display of gospel music, the blues, folk songs, and local art and culture. The event both captures the essence of the Richmond locale and displays a microcosm of the US as a whole.

The Church Hill neighborhood neatly summarizes the Richmond lifestyle

Church Hill is bursting with magnificent architecture, carried straight over from as far back as the 1950s. With bars and food trucks galore, there's a surprising amount of authentic cuisine to dig into. Richmond folk carry a long-standing tradition of craft brewing, with local lagers and the like gaining nationwide popularity.

Just how deeply a sense of local community is ingrained into Church Hill can be observed from the number of rallies and protests that have originated from here. Virginians are banding together, not just over food and drink, but liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Visit the American Civil War Center at historic Tredegar

Now, we've talked shop about quite a few fun locales, but let's get a little bit somber here. Now, anyone looking to tour Richmond cannot separate themselves from how much this city's roots are ingrained in the Civil War.

The tour will prove to be an illuminating walk through the veins of America itself. When race relations are more tumultuous than ever, it's a quiet, contemplative reminder of where the USA has come from and how truly far it has yet to go.

Ride To Your Heart's Content At The Virginia Capital Trail

The Virginia Capital Trail's a vibrant, lovely stretch of a track that spans out from Richmond to involve other cities in Virginia! It's actual labor of love, with the track still being developed to stretch further across Virginia to this day.

If you're looking for an idyllic stroll to get a good lay of the land or want to rush through a stirring landscape of greenery and fresh air, visiting the Capital Trail is a must!

Experience the Richmond’s Unique Side At James River Park

Now, let's take a look at something a tad different from greenery, yet very much similar in nature. The James River Park is a good look at the more aquatic life of Richmond, also featuring part of the famous US landmark, the James River.

There's much to be said about renting a small boat, paddling your way across the massive expanse of water, fishing, swimming, or simply lying back and basking in the tranquility that everyday life so often lacks.

Explore Maymont's - a lovely piece of ancient architecture

Our next location, Maymont, was a literal gift to the people of Richmond, VA, a donated piece of property that has become iconic. There's something very captivating about witnessing farm life from long ago, with the housing itself resembling older cottages or landowner bungalows from eons ago.

If that doesn't pique one's interest, the local wildlife habitats should! There are otters, horses, chickens, black bears, bobcats; it’s almost like a more natural version of a safari park.

Watch the reenactment of American Revolution at the historic St. John's Church

In 1775, a Virginian by the name of Patrick Henry stood up in the middle of a congregation of like-minded peers unhappy with living under Britain's thumb and loudly exclaimed, "give me liberty, or give me death!" (1). A hush fell upon the crowd that would compound upon the fire that burned in the heart of every American fighting for freedom. And you get to watch that entire scenario enacted by the most discerning professionals in the business.

Take a bow at the Byrd Theater's A Classy Way

There's something thematically fitting about one's last leg of a trip is watching a movie. A film's credits will literally transport you to both the end of the movie as well as your tour. The Byrd Theater is built magnificently, a true testament to old-style theaters, red curtains, terrace-style bird's-eye views, and the like. It almost feels like Lincoln's Ford Theater! Without the gun, that is.

And that's about it. A city so rich in both culture and modernity that you will have no trouble finding places packed with fun. Yet, this list covers what I love best about Richmond, Virginia: a fantastic display of preserving one's history and stemming it in one's present.

Travel safe. Follow the travel guidelines in the county you plan to visit.

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