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10 Great Things You Can Do in Sacramento

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Sacramento with its rich history isn’t the place you forget to add to your bucket list.

The many-layered town of Sacramento isn’t only home to historical places and museums but also great food and wild nights at bars and pubs. With its mild climate and around-the-year functional attractions, there is so much to see and do in Sacramento.

So, if you plan to visit Sacramento, California, here are the10 best things that you can enjoy while you are there.

Learn about Railroads at the California State Railroad Museum

It's one thing watching the massive locomotives, but wouldn't it be fun to ride them as well? The California State Railroad Museum gives you the chance to not only learn about 21 restored train cars and locomotives, but you can also enjoy the train rides they offer.

The Museum is awe-inspiring, with its six buildings spread over a total of 225,000 square feet; yes, you will need a full day to explore every corner of this place. Relive the old days and jump on the museum-operated Sacramento Southern Railroad train and enjoy the ride to Old Sacramento.

Relive your Childhood Stories in the Fairytale Town

What if we tell you that Humpty Dumpty and Cinderella aren't just stories, and you can live your favorite fairy tale in Sacramento? Pretty unbelievable, right? Well, it's true, the Fairytale Town offers a lifetime experience of reliving all your childhood stories.

The town has more than 25 oversized fairytale playsets. Act out your favorite fairy tale with your children at these fairytale playsets.

Visit the Caged Jungle – Sacramento Zoo:

One is never too old to visit the zoo, especially if it's the Sacramento Zoo that houses more than 500 animal species. The impressive fact about Sacramento Zoo is that when it opened in 1927, the zoo had around 40 animals and was termed the "Little Park Zoo." However, gradually it expanded, and by 1960, it spread over 14 acres of land and has many endangered animals in captivity.

Enjoy a Fun-Filled Day at Old Sacramento Waterfront

If you are looking for a full day of fun-filled activities with your family, there is no better place than Old Sacramento State Historic Park. Every Corner of the Old Sacramento Waterfront is a new place to explore and a new adventure to experience.

Explore more than 125 shops, attractions, restaurants, and museums and spend a whole day at the Old Sacramento Waterfront, reliving the California Gold Rush Era.

Count Your Blessings At The Cathedral Of The Blessed Sacrament:

Reconnect with your soul and light a candle for your bright future at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. Apart from the religious attraction, the cathedral's interior dome is a sight to see.

The massive dome stands 34m high and shadows a13 foot crucifix with a 14-foot crown overhead. Did you know that the weight of the crucifix and crown alone is almost a ton? Impressive, isn't it?

Savor A Wet Day At The Raging Water Park

A water park is what we all need to refresh and rejuvenate; at the largest waterpark in Sacramento, Raging Water Park, you can enjoy more than 25 water rides, slides as well as pools. The best thing is the park’s prime location, right in the center of Sacramento, and it has something for everyone under its folds.

Relish An Appetizing Meal At The Waterboy.

Having too much fun can make one very hungry; head towards the Waterboy for a delicious meal that is bound to amuse your taste buds and send warmth down your heart. It is the most famous food in town; for over 20 years, tourists have been singing the praises of food at the Waterboy; it's not the kind of place one should miss.

Make a reservation because a designer farm-to-table experience can't be enjoyed at walk-in appointments.

Go Bike Trailing At Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail

The locals’ Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail or American River Bike Trail offers the best bike trail for all outdoor enthusiasts.

It is also known as the crowning jewel of Sacramento; on any given day, you can encounter many cyclists, runners, and walkers, both local and tourists enjoying the famous Trail.

Spread over 32 miles, the Trail starts at Discovery Park in Old Sacramento and ends at Beals Point, Folsom Lake Area.

Don't Forget The Bars

Don't miss out on the best pubs and bars Sacramento has to offer. If you are visiting with friends or if you are thinking of having your stag night in Sacramento, the pubs and bars will not disappoint.

Most of the all-night bars are located around downtown and in midtown.

Have the best after-hours fun at the BarWest, Streets of London Pub, Firestone Public House. However, these are just the tip of the iceberg; there are tons more to explore.

Hit The Holes At Haggin Oaks:

End your trip with a relaxing day playing golf at Haggin Oaks. Due to California's mild climate, the Haggin Oaks is functional throughout the year, so you can practice your swing and polish your game whenever you visit Sacramento.

Apart from the activities mentioned above, there is a lot more to Sacramento. It isn't a place that one should take lightly, plan your trip with care so that every day is spent with excitement and fulfillment.

Travel safe. Do your research on the travel instructions before making your plans.

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