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9 Offbeat Things You Can Do In Miami in 2021

Asmita Karanje

Welcome to Miami, a city that hosts the most exciting adventures and some unusual things you don't want to miss out on. Miami has a lot to offer, ranging from its incredible sceneries to its splendid underwater cities to tasting avocado wine. Miami is the ultimate destination for party-goers with its white- sand seashores, and nightclubs fitted with neon lights. But let's look at some lesser-known experiences Miami has to offer.

Looking at ten offbeat places to visit in Miami includes:

1. Primordial Spanish monastery

It is one of the ancient buildings in the western hemisphere, St Bernard Episcopal church, first constructed in 1141, Segovia, Spain. The monastery is open for the public to be used for events such as weddings, and there is a minimal fee for entry. It is also used as a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of South Florida.

2. The underwater city built for the dead

Along with an underwater passage of stone roads, sculpted lions, and massive Roman columns is a sixteen-acre cemetery that sits below the sea's water surface. It is an artificial reef and the last resting place for renowned divers. Aficionados come to pay their last respect to the heroes and also explore a variety of marine life. If you are an experienced diver, you can come here for a fee and there are many operators that offer divers boats and gear to explore this underwater city.

3. The Russian baths

Has a Russian masseuse ever hit you with a broom of fragranced leaves? Then it's time to pay a visit to the Russian and Turkish Baths here in Miami. You will be pampered (read slapped) with scented oak leaves while your body releases toxins through sweat. If the idea of being slapped with leaves doesn't sound as exciting, then you can also indulge in some spa therapy sessions that use Dead sea salt, mud, and scrubs. Or you can relax in one of their steam and sauna rooms.

4. Monkey jungle

This is a zoo that you would wish not to miss. Here it is humans who are caged, and animals run wild. It is a thirty-acre wildlife reserve that was established in 1935. Caged tunnels run through the park, allowing tourists to observe animals in a close view of their natural habitat.

5. Venetian Pool in Coral Gables

It is a perfect place to swim and enjoy a cool breeze on a hot afternoon in Miami. It is one of the cleanest pools you can find in Miami - it is drained, cleaned, and replaced with clean water every day. It also has a historical significance being the only pool to be listed in the National Register of Historic Places. If you want to enjoy the serenity of this place, visit the pools during non-peak times.

6. Watch and bet on the fastest game at the Casino in Dania beach

Jai Alai is a game that is listed in the Guinness World Records as the fastest ball game on earth and consists of hurling a solid leather ball at a wall at a speed of more than 150 miles per hour. With such high speeds, it can be lethal - in fact, it has claimed the life of a player once when the ball hit him directly in the head. It has its origins in Cuba and Mexico and has been around since the 1920s. Its popularity has gone down since the '80s but you can enjoy the thrills of this deadly sport here at The Casino on the Dania beach. You can also order some beer and hot dogs of your choice and make an event out of it.

7. Miami circle

It is also known as "the Brickell Point" or "the Miami river circle." As with any site of archaeological importance it is owned by the state of Florida. But that transfer of ownership happened only recently in 2009. Until then there was a lot of dispute between the indigenous American groups and the authorities in charge of preserving sites of historical significance. There are several artifacts that date back to pre-historic times i.e. almost 2000 years old such as burnt wood logs, human teeth, and tools.

8. Schnebly Redland’s winery

The wide tropical selection of handcrafted wines is a great way to treat yourself. You must try their unique range of wines that are a treat to your palette - they have mango, passionfruit, coco water, lychees, and also avocado. Nestled amidst palm trees and fountains, this little paradise will take you to the far east. And guess what - their wines are very economical priced - so you get an amazing experience of the entire wine-making process and a tasting of five different wines in less than $25.

9. World Erotic Art Museum

I know the name itself would spark some curiosity in your mind. It was opened in 2006 and has been successfully operating ever since. It covers artifacts and artwork from several different timelines ranging from Roman times to Middle Ages to the more modern era. It has over 20 rooms full of art shows and unique collections on display. One such artifact is a male reproductory organ used in a movie named “A Clockwork Orange.” in 1971.

Stay Safe! Travel with precaution.

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