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8 Things You Must Do In Portland Maine in 2021

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Being a coastal city in the state of Maine, Portland does not fall short when it comes to fun activities and drool-worthy food. Big in size and small in population, Portland offers a unique opportunity to its visitors where they can enjoy brewery trips, appreciate arts, visit historical monuments and go on a shopping spree. Or if you are feeling athletic, you can indulge in some fun outdoor activities too!

If you feel overwhelmed with all the options, here’s a list of 5 things you must do in Portland, Maine.

Take a Walk Through Old Port

To explore the true essence of Portland, take a walk through Old port. The Cobblestoned path, the historical vibes, and the hustle-bustle of Old port are the urban city’s soul. You can get a souvenir or shop around a little. At night, dance around or have some beer or maybe play pool with your pals!

Go On a Brewery Trip

Just like its restaurants, Portland’s breweries are also world famous. The greater Portland area has the highest per capita breweries in all US, and only in Portland city, there are 25+ breweries. Here, beer craft was popular way before it went mainstream. For beer lovers, there is no shortage of breweries. Take a tour of Allagash Brewery, the most popular one in Maine. Acquaint yourself with the craft right from the beginning to the bottling room. You can also partake in generous testing, including the exquisite Allagash white. An affordable and educational way to spend a day!

Indulge Yourself In Delicious Local Food

With award-winning restaurants and a wide array of options, the Portland Food scene is heaven for foodies. The diversity of food options is impressive. From a posh 5 star restaurant to local street food and from innovative sea-food cuisine to mouth-watering vegetarian options- Portland caters to people of all tastes.

Surrounded by lots of Farms, Portland’s restaurants have an unexhausted supply of farm-fresh ingredients. The city is well known for its bold food choice. If you are a food-adventurist, this is your time to go crazy!

Catch Your Own Lobster!

Visiting Portland without eating Lobster is like going to Paris and skipping the Eiffel Tower. You can eat lobster in a cozy corner of a restaurant, or for a truly out-of-the-box experience, you can catch your own Lobster!

Yup, that's right!

Lobster-catching Cruises set out from Long wharf to Casco Bay. During the trip, you can also enjoy some historical landscapes like Civil war forts and the lighthouses. On the cruise, you can catch a lobster, enjoy the waves and learn a bit of history too. You can also take your haul to the restaurant to be cooked. Sounds fun, right?

Soak in Nature

Beautiful beaches and islands with stunning landscapes give you a perfect opportunity to soak in nature. Get a break from a busy life and spend a day sunbathing or strolling across the soft-sand beaches. You can even pack a picnic as there are many options in Portland.

Willard Beach and Crescent Beach are great beaches that have plenty to offer and are easy to access as well.

Take a stroll down the Eastern Promenade

It is the most picturesque waterfront where you can take a stroll, jog or run along the trail that starts in Old port and stretches for 2 miles offering plenty of views to soak in, unwind and relax. There are plenty of trails that you can choose from depending on your fitness and enthusiasm. There is also a public beach where you can enjoy some sun along with the locals.

Plan a day trip to Cape Elizabeth

It is just 9 miles south of portland and it is famous for its lighthouses. It has some of the most scenic lighthouses in the US and perhaps even in the world. While in this area, you can also head to the splendid Crescent Beach State Park that offers some spectacular views of the ocean and an offshore island. It is also quite popular with families as it offers several amenities for a perfect picnic. Don't forget to bring your picnic mats, tables, food, and drinks.

Be stunned by the magnificent Victoria Mansion

If you love historic Victorian architecture, this is a place you cannot afford to miss. It was constructed in the 18th century as a summer house for the then hoteliers - it is now of the landmark historic sites of the US. When a hurricane in 1938 damaged the house, a Maine resident saved it from demolition - he bought the house and converted it into a museum. It has the grandeur of the pre-civil war times. And it's not the opulence that attracts visitors, it has a well-functioning system with features such as hot water, central heating, and an alerting system.

Enjoy your time in Portland Maine - Happy Traveling!

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