Delhi Riots — It's One Year On And We Have Learned no Lessons.

Asmita Karanje

Source — Reuters

It always starts with deep angst and frustration.

Then it suddenly becomes overwhelming with all the real-time information pouring in.

When the pain slowly sinks in, confusion runs amock. Gradually you become acclimatized to what just happened.

Truth unfolds. Historians talk about the statistics. Politicians condemn with no feelings. Journalists try to scavenge the situation to suit their narrative.

And in a few days, life comes to normalcy; for almost everyone else not directly impacted by the riots.

You get so consumed by all the sad news that you switch off the idiot box and return to work. On your way back, you check your twitter feed and other social media accounts — rant, comment, and share about it.

And finally, forget it as it becomes just another episode in the fascist regime, you accept it as — ‘A New Normal.’

And that’s what I fear the most.

Being complacent about violence,
Being complacent about riots,
Being complacent about the mistreatment towards minorities.

That was Delhi riot — the first of the many more to come.

Democracy is not destroyed overnight.

It happens gradually over time. The BJP started brainwashing innocent religious Hindus with soft Hindutva — slowly instilling in the minds of a common Hindu the seeds of religiosity.

Once you are sold by the superior Hindutva ideology, every wrong decision made in the name of religion gets justified.

After winning a thumping majority in their second term, there were a series of decisions made to push the hardcore ‘Hindutva’ ideology;

  1. Repeal of Article 370
  2. The shutdown of the Internet in Kashmir since Aug 2019
  3. Demolition of Babri Masjid
  4. Introduction of CAA/NRC
  5. Attacks on Universities — JNU, Jamia Milia Islamia.
  6. And now — ‘Delhi Riots’

In everything that the government has done so far, it has only caused more destruction and pain to the common man. And yet this common man is blinded by their admiration for Modi.

They are unable to see how the government has dodged all questions on the economy, unemployment and basic welfare.

A few facts about the health of our economy

  1. India has the highest unemployment in 45 years
  2. Pollution causes more than 2 million deaths a year in India
  3. India ranked in the bottom 10 countries in terms of Quality of Government and Quality of Life

In my view, the common man cares about the basics — food, shelter, education, job and healthcare. He doesn’t care about religion-based politics, and it was very evident in the recent Delhi elections where Aam Aadmi party came back to power with astounding success.

Unfortunately, the 200 odd rioters on the streets of Delhi do not represent this common man. We need to recognise these violent elements in our country for who they really are — they are not Hindu or Muslims, they are neither pro-CAA or anti-CAA. They are simply planted mobs by the Government to incite violence against the Muslims.

It was an orchestrated riot funded by the Central Government — a POGROM

People voted them with to power in the hopes of ‘Acche din’. However, all that they are getting in return is state-sponsored violence, massacre, loot and a lifetime of sufferings.

Look at this video of East Delhi — it looks no less than Syria

This is what we have become.

Not to scare you, but if you find this video cringe-worthy and still immediately return to your regular schedule, I think you have become a bit too complacent for your own good (including me).

I am just as much guilty as the millions of others who care but are too busy to do something about it.

But let’s spare a minute to remember all the victims affected by these riots — over forty innocent people who died, hundreds who got severely injured and thousands whose property was damaged cannot go back to their normal lives ever.

When we start feeling overwhelmed with all that news pouring in, we can easily switch to something else — another channel on ‘YouTube’, destress with a workout or just pen an article.

But for those who got caught up in the thick of these riots, will have to live with their broken bodies, broken homes and most of all, broken souls forever.

The least we can do is to show our support.

We (the privileged sections of the society) need to care for our fellow patriots before these bloodthirsty Islamophobic extremists destroy the very fabric of our secular democracy.

It’s still not late if we show this fascist authoritarian government the power of a billion peaceful and secular Indians.

Being complacent is a choice — and you make that choice by standing up or staying silent.

Do not give up on the ‘fire’ burning inside you

Do not give up on ‘humanity,’

Do not give up on ‘hope,’

And lastly,

Do not give up the ‘fight’

Not yet, Not ever.

Dedicated to all those who died in Delhi Riots Feb 2020 — May your souls ‘Rest in peace’.

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