Who is God/Source? Wait What! Nothing??

Ask Holly Hall

From my Book 101 Answers from the Universe. Channeled and downloaded.

“He” is non-gender, as well as Source/Unified Field/Source/God is nothing. If you want to know of what your higher power is, it is in nothing.

  1. What do you mean by nothing?
    Source is space, and space is in everything. As everything is 99.9999% emptiness, that is where God /Source resides, where the Universal Intelligence lives, so to speak.
  2. That is why God/Source is everywhere?
  3. Please explain further.
    Space fills everything. Therefore, God, Source, Intelligence, Universal Consciousness is in 99.99999% of everything, including you, which is also God/Source/Universal mind. We do not mean to sound redundant; we are just trying to make it clear so that you understand what is being said. The problem is that many humans—and only humans do this—try to fill in that space, in which you think you can control.
  4. What do you mean by “fill in space in which we can control?”
    There is an instinctual understanding on a subconscious level that you are 99.999% space. For humans, on a conscious level, this feels like a void; it feels like emptiness, and it feels like nothing. Therefore, the human condition, when it doesn’t understand or is confused, turns to Ego. Then Ego tries to fill in those holes, fill in that space or escape the emptiness. You arrange this in many ways. Your human form tries to find another form that will accommodate this. In this day and age, it is an epidemic. Humans will do this through drugs, alcohol, working too hard, trying to achieve unattainable goals, never being satisfied, and also through binging, technology, gaming, and eating. You also accomplish this with distractions such as purchasing, buying, selling, and the list goes on. But those holes are never filled, and you will never be satisfied. Why? Because they are meant to be empty. They are not meant to be filled. That is where the Universal Intelligence resides. And when left to reside, you are universally guided. Some call this God, some Ala, some Source; the naming is not of importance.
  5. Then God/Source/Universal Mind is an intelligence?
    Yes, the highest intelligence. It is an intelligence that makes everything function. This intelligence allows you to breathe, the plants to grow, the sun to shine, and the planets to move in a systematic matter. It creates patterns, providing you with your Earth. It lets you be who you want to be. What you do with that is completely up to you, as a collective and as an individual.
  6. Is God/Source/Universal Mind a being?
    God/Source is not a being and yet God/Source is. Because it is in all that is. For example, if you had experienced true, unconditional love from a mother who cherished you, in this instance, love is not necessarily your mother, but your mother is love. This will be easy to conceptualize as you read on.
  7. What do you mean by “not a being?”
    If God/Universal Mind is space or empty space, and everything, every person, every being, every animal, the planets, the plants, water, etc. are 99.999999% space or emptiness, then God/Source is in everything, a being, an intelligence, man-made, nature made, the Universe... This is explained in more detail later in this book.
  8. Many people, including myself, will have a difficult time believing that God is not an actual being.
    Many call this the Universal Mind, Source, Unified Field, or God. It’s not an actual physical person. It is not a one being. And yet it is. Let us explain. Many cannot think outside of an understanding of a life that is not of form. Because you are a being, you want God or Ala or ... to be a being as well. You are form. Humans think and experience their lives in form; therefore, it is challenging to think outside of that construct. For example, in your Bible, it is written that God made humans or man in the image of himself. This is and was to be a metaphor. It is not in the physical appearance of man and God to be one in the same, but of the inner essence, and the inner superconscious energy. That image is a literal imprint, and you embody that imprint within yourselves, physically and spiritually. This is what we call the Universal Mind and the Unified Field or Source. This all-encompassing collective power of many non-human beings is God or Source, and comes in many forms, such as guides, angels, etc. It has many man-made names.


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