As a Millennial New England Patriots Fan, I am Less Than Thrilled For the Super Bowl

Ashlyn E. Inman

It's definitely not news that Tom Brady is going to the Super Bowl this Sunday. In fact, for once in my life I finally understand why people are rolling their eyes at the prospect of yet another matchup featuring the 43-year-old quarterback.

I grew up a Patriots fan. I learned my first expletive at age three when my dad was cursing at a game on the TV. There are multiple pictures taken on disposable cameras where I’m wearing an oversized Patriots T-Shirt and dress-up high heeled shoes. I don’t remember a time where football season lasted only 16 weeks except for when Brady was on injured reserve. In short, I don’t remember a time without Tom Brady.

My father always told the tragic tale of him watching the Patriots suffering humiliating losses through the eighties and nineties. How it was all worth it when the underdogs beat “the greatest show on turf” in the 2001 Super Bowl. By the time I was in college, Patriots Super Bowl appearances were a dime a dozen, and the AFC East title was a given.

I guess you could say it’s been a rough year.

Oh goodness, who made this? Just looking at it makes me want to hurl.

I know I sound like a bitter spoiled brat who wants to get her way, but here's the thing: I knew the Patriots were gonna suck again someday. I just figured that day would be when Tom Brady retired. I'm not surprised TB 12 will be going to the Super Bowl for the tenth time; but it still stings that the Patriots won't be playing this Sunday.

It's been nearly an entire year since the announcement was made, but I still feel betrayed. The Buccaneers were barely even a real team and Tommy chose them? Don't even get me started on Gronk.

Like so many other fans, I’ve never hesitated to say that Brady is the GOAT. I publicly defended him during Deflategate and had memorized parts of the Wells Report to back up my arguments against people who said he was a cheater.

I probably wouldn't feel as betrayed if I hadn't grown up with the New England Patriots being synonymous with Tom Brady. I've read so many posts written by older Pats fans saying how much they support Tom and hope he gets his seventh ring, I’m curious to know where other millennial fans stand. Are they jaded like I am or are they happy for Brady?

This would probably be a much different article if the Patriots had at least gone to the playoffs without Brady. I was ready to use #BuccsStillSucc every time I possibly could while the Pats just kept winning. The Buccs hadn't even been to a playoff game since 2007, and I was convinced not even Brady could change that. Joke was on me.

I love Cam Newton as a persona, but his performance this season was lackluster. I haven’t given up on the idea of him just yet, because it was his first year with a rigorous new system, he didn’t have a stacked offense, and he had COVID complications. The only benefits of losing Brady is that our salary cap has exploded, and we get a much higher draft pick than we’re used to. If we keep Cam for another year, hopefully with more time and assets, he’ll shine.

I’m not saying I’m greedy and want to force the Patriots to try to figure out where to put another Super Bowl banner but…. Wait, no, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Why should Brady get another ring if we don’t get another trophy for the Hall of Fame?!

All this just to say I'm not excited for the Super Bowl this year. Some things are better together. Salsa and tortilla chips; Super Bowls and parties; the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and irrelevance; and Tom Brady and the Patriots.

At least there's always next season.


I definitely don't want to see Kansas City take home another Lombardi, soooooooooooo

Go Buccs.

If you do plan to tune in to the big game on Sunday, tune into CBS at 7:30PM EST or live stream it through the NFL App, Roku, Apple TV, and more.

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