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What Does the Gas Storage Mean for Georgians?

Ashley Lynne

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I'm sure most of you who are reading this have heard of the gas shortage that is affecting the East Coast.

Some people are saying to be patient and others are going into a frenzy and hoarding gas. Let me make one thing clear. It's not the gas that's the problem, it's the people hoarding the gas that's causing more of a shortage.

Very similar to the toilet paper frenzy of 2020. People get greedy and it causes everyone to go without. Please don't hoard gas, just get what you need for your car and ration the amount until more information is released.

Both Jack and I only filled up our cars and nothing more. I only drive to run errands, so for now, I'm staying stationary until I really need to go somewhere.

As far as the rest of Tucker, GA, I'd say we as a city are taking it well. When I visited the Kroger/Shell station, everyone was being polite and was able to get a turn.

Unfortunately, many of my friends who live outside the perimeter are not having the same luck. Out in Marrietta, Ga, many gas stations have put up their yellow bags indicating that they have no gas.

What happened to the pipeline?

According to Reuters, on Friday, May 7th, Colonial Pipeline had to shut down its East Coast pipeline after a cyberattack hacked its network.

The cyberattack used ransomware, in which the hacker plans to extort money from the company or private data will be exposed. In this case, the hacker invaded the pipeline network and basically held them hostage.

So, we never ran out of gas but the computer needs to be replaced in order to get things running again. It'll take a few days but everything will be okay.

What is Georgia doing about it?

Luckily, Gov. Brian Kemp suspended the state fuel tax cap to curve prices in the meantime. This will discourage price gouging and keep the current price from skyrocketing. This tax cap will last until Saturday.

Right now, 60% of gas stations are without gas in the metro Atlanta area. Another 45% outside the perimeter are empty too. However, if you need to find gas and don't want to keep stopping from place to place, Gas Buddy is a site that gives you updates on which stations still have gas.

Until then, don't go anywhere you don't need to go. Make sure to plan out your day if you need to get groceries and run errands.

Don't be greedy! Essential workers and public buses need that gas too. If you work from home and don't need anything, just stay home.

Stay calm and stay safe everyone.

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