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The Best Local Bookstores for Bookworms

Ashley Lynne
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Seems like social media and watching T.V. are tiring. I find myself wanting to go outside and relax. On rainy days, I like to go over my book collection and find something interesting to read.

The problem with that is that I have read all the books I own and haven't kept up with what's new. While going online and looking up new and classical books may seem the obvious option, I prefer to go to a bookstore and see for myself.

There are bigger stores like Book-a-Million and Barnes & Noble. But if you really want to find some interesting reads, the local bookstores in and around the Tucker area have some unique finds.

Here is a list of some great bookstores right here in Dekalb county.

1. Book Nook: If you head over North Decatur, you'll see this little nook. This store has been around since 1973. You will immediately catch a case of nostalgia the moment you walk in and see the VHS tapes and vinyl records.

Of course, they have a selection of old and used books. You even have the option to sell your old books and media to them. It won't make you rich but if you are looking to get rid of some old books and don't want to throw them away, this is a great option.

They have everything from CDs, board games, and more. It's also a good place to go if you're a student that wants to save on textbooks.

2. Half Priced Books: This is also a great place located in Decatur where you can find books at a low cost.

For anyone looking to home school their kids, they have a selection of homeschool learning materials to get you started. Personally, I would go here for the notebooks, planners, and calendars. Their stationary has things you won't see in big brand stores.

3. Infinite Realities Bookstore: I mentioned two places in Decatur but this one is right in Tucker.

If you're a fan of comic books, this is the place to go. They have both Marvel and DC comics as well as independent comics. Along with games and collectible cards for those who like to trade. Also, they offer curbside pickup for anyone who orders books and doesn't feel comfortable going inside yet.

They won 2019 Best of Atlanta Award for the best bookstore. So, that alone is enough to check the place out.

Wherever you choose to go, there will be something that peaks your interests. As things slowly open back up, I hope you take the opportunity to look around your local neighborhood and see all the amazing things it has to offer.

Stay safe everyone.

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