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So, my boyfriend is from Chicago and he has always been picky about where we go for pizza. After five years, I can see why Dominos is not really considered pizza where he's from.

Every time we choose to eat pizza, we have to research reviews of local pizza places. We found some great spots that are locally owned. They seem to be owned by people from New York and have handmade dough instead of frozen. Yes, you can actually taste the difference.

I want to show you some awesome pizzerias that are not chain restaurants. Some are on the high end and some are cheap, but they are all homegrown right here in Atlanta.

Shorty's Pizza: This is our number one spot for great pizza at a reasonable price. Located in Tucker, GA, this place cooks everything in a wood-fired brick oven. Everything is made fresh and never frozen.

The most unique thing about their pizza menu is that each pizza is named after a famous person. Last Friday, Jack and I had the Weird Al Yankovic, which was a pineapple pizza with ham, pepperoni, and pesto. Then, there was the Sid Vicious, their version of a meat lover's pizza, and then there was the Thin White Duke, this pizza was named after David Bowie and had cilantro as a topping.

They were all very yummy and I'm curious to try the Bigge Smalls pizza and the Janis Joplin pizza. They have other food items too and if you like some beer with your meal, they have beer on tap and a seating area where you can relax without a mask.

Colossus Pizza: This is another gem in Tucker. Not only do they serve pizza but Colossus is also a Greek restaurant.

They have tons of Mediterranean selections, but of course, you're here for the pizza. Two top pizzas that come to mind are the Mediterranean pizza and Howie's garlic chicken pizza. The Mediterranean includes olives, feta cheese, tomatoes, and gyro chicken. Howie's garlic chicken pizza has chicken, grilled onions, mushrooms, and spinach.

Unlike most pizza places, they have an array of delicious salads to choose from. Just in case you want to balance out that pizza with something green.

Sapori di Napoli: Now I haven't been here in a while. But this restaurant is more on the high end. It's definitely a place to go for a date out on the town. You actually have to get a reservation now. Not because it's so expensive, but they are trying to keep the crowds down.

I always look at who's eating at certain restaurants to gauge how authentic it is. Actual Italians come to this place to watch soccer games. Even our waiter and chef were Italian. I always look at who's eating at certain restaurants to gauge how authentic it is. And that was all the proof I needed.

Like Shorty's, they cook everything in a wood-fired brick oven. But they also have Italian wine, pastries, and creative desserts. One pizza for two will cost about $40.00, not including wine and an appetizer.

Overall, I thought it was worth it. Not really a place to get takeout but it's perfect for a classic favorite with a sophisticated twist.

Whatever kind of pizza you're into, enjoy your week.

Stay safe everyone!

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