How to Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Ashley Lynne

Have you started your spring cleaning yet?

I haven't. But as I look around my house and out my yard, I think it is time to tidy up my house for spring. All the pollen and the dust has made it hard for my sinuses.

While you might be ready to go back outside with all the chaos that's been going on, but it's time to get your house in order. Then you can have all the outdoor fun you want.

Here are a few things to get started on your spring cleaning.

1. Powerwash. This is a great way to give your house some shine. Pollen, debris, and dirt from the environment can hide the beautiful paint job underneath. Powerwashing your house and deck will make your house look good as new.

2. Clean the gutters. Here in Georgia, the rain can be unpredictable. Having gutters full of leaves from autumn can make drainage difficult. Be sure you clean the gutters for those spring showers.

3. Lawncare. Cutting the grass is an easy way to make your yard look great. The general rule is to cut the grass once a week. Although, depending on how fast your lawn grows, you may need to cut the grass more or less often. Be sure to the area around the house with a weed eater or weed killer.

4. Paint the deck. If you enjoy having outdoor parties in the spring and summer, then repainting or staining the deck is the way to go. You should also check for wood rot and replace any broken pieces. It'll have a more uniform look that will impress everyone.

5. Replace the filters. As the weather gets hotter, people are switching over to air. With all the pollen floating around, it's important to replace the ventilation filter. This will help keep pollen from coming into the house and keep allergies at a minimum.

6. Clean your sink and shower faucets. Most people don't think about cleaning their faucets or don't know how to do it. Just unscrew the faucet head and put a bit of vinegar in a sandwich bag. Leave it soaking for an hour. This will disinfect your faucet for cleaner water.

7. Clean the walls. This another thing people don't think about. Take a bucket of soap and water and a sponge, then wash the wall and doors of your house. Personally, I also clean the window sills and any dusty places.

Spring cleaning doesn't sound like fun. Especially since everyone has been cooped up inside all year. Yet, it's nessaceary to keep your home clean all year around. The result is a clean and comfortable home that you can enjoy.

Stay safe everyone.

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