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Top King of Pops Flavors

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King of Pops began when co-founder Steven Carse was laid off from his job during the recession in 2009. Steven decided to start a new business with his brother Nick. After investing in a cart and pulling in some money to start production, King of Pops was born.

If you're from Atlanta, you are familiar with the flavorful popsicles everyone enjoys during the summer. I remember when Jack and I first started dating. One of the first things he did to introduce me to Atlanta, was buying me a King of Pops popsicle.

It was so delicious, chocolate sea salt. I haven't tried every flavor they have but everyone has a favorite that they get whenever available.

So, here are the top 10 King of Pops flavors.

1. Cookies and Cream. Rich creamy goodness with a mix of cookies in every bite. King of Pops uses real ingredients, so you really are eating cookies baked for this popsicle.

2. Strawberry Lemonade. Nothing is better than some refreshing lemonade. It's even better in popsicle form. A blended mixture of fresh strawberries and homemade lemonade, this is definitely a treat.

3. Watermelon Mojito. There is no alcohol in this mojito. But the minty flavor mix with the light, sweet taste of watermelon is a win. You may even find a mint leaf frozen inside.

4. Raspberry Rosewater. This is a favorite of mine. The fragrant smell of rosewater and the fruity taste of the raspberry make for a great popsicle. I never knew rosewater could taste so good. My breath really smelled like roses after I finished.

5. Fresh Peach. This is a unique flavor. It is made from real Georgia peaches and is only available during June. So, if you get the chance to stop by a KOP cart this June, be sure to give it a try.

6. Chocolate Sea Salt. I love when food companies recognize the benefit of mixing sweet and salty together. Velvety chocolate and a hint of sea salt taste like you are eating a candy bar.

7. Grapefruit Mint. Another minty popsicle and such a great combo. The sweet and tarty grapefruit juice with bits of cooling mint will stave off the summer heat.

Seasonal Pops

There are some flavors that are only reserved for certain seasons. They are worth the wait though.

8. Salted Caramel (Winter). You wouldn't think KOP would have a lot of business during the wintertime. Yet, people get excited for the seasonal flavors such as salted caramel. Once again proving that salty and sweet belong together.

Other winter flavors include apple cider, white chocolate peppermint, and chocolate orange.

9. Blueberry Cobbler (Autumn). While most people prefer a warm cobbler during autumn, it is still a real treat to get a pie-flavored popsicle. With its creamy center, it is like eating pie on a stick.

Other Fall flavors include pear vanilla and orange basil.

10. Sweet Tea n' Lemonade (Spring). If you love Arnold Palmers, then you will love this popsicle. An even mix of southern sweet tea and fresh lemonade will make you want to spend the day out on the front porch.

Other spring flavors include Mexican chocolate and blood orange.

I hope to see the KOP carts out and about again as everything is slowly going back to normal.

What are your favorite KOP flavors?

Stay safe everyone!

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