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I spent my Sunday cleaning the house and tidying everything up. One thing I love about a clean house is the smell. There’s nothing like sitting down and taking in that fresh, clean smell.

Ever since the pandemic, I see cleaning the house as something calming. Over time, I found products that I absolutely love and some that I won’t buy ever again.

Clorox All-Purpose Cleaner: If you’re like me, the thought of handling a large bottle of bleach seems too much. I prefer this little spray bottle of bleach so that I can control the amount of bleach I use.

While bleach is very important in removing stains from the surface, too much bleach can cause your nose to burn. Plus, spilling a whole jug of bleach can ruin your favorite pants quickly.

Method Pink Grapefruit All-Purpose Cleaner: This cleaner has a light citrus smell that you will love. I use this to clean off my coffee table and to clear the dust off of the television. It’s cruelty free and plant based so you don’t feel guilty spraying it in your house.

Mrs. Meyer’s Everyday Cleaner: I love this surface cleaner for the kitchen. With it’s lemony scent, you can be sure that your kitchen is clean. The Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning line has everything from glass cleaner to dish soap. I have not tried the whole line, but I’m curious to see if their dish soap is as good as Dawn’s.

Clorox Toilet Bowl Cling Cleaner: Of course you have to have a good toilet cleaner. So, I revert back to Clorox to keep the porcelain chair white. Not only can you find this toilet cleaner in a two pack, but the clinging gel does a really good job of trapping dirt. The cool wave scent covers up the strong bleach smell.

Mr. Clean Floor Cleaner: Mr. Clean teams up with Gain and Frebreze to create two great products for mopping. I use both interchangeably because they both smell so amazing and you can smell it throughout the house.

I add a little bit of Dawn soap to really get the dirt out of the floor. Mr. Clean even has a floor cleaner for pet smells. If you have a lot of pets, it’s worth trying.

ANZOEE Dishwashing Gloves: Besides cleaning products, there are some great gadgets that help make cleaning easier. The Anzoee dishwashing gloves have bristles on the palm of the hands. So you can clean the dishes without using an old sponge or dishrag.

I ordered two pairs because the second pair will be for washing the dog. Yes, you can use these gloves to scrub your pup.

OXO Furlifter: I have two cats and a dog. As the weather gets hotter, they will shed more of their winter coats. They love sleeping in the sun on my BLACK couch. Even though I have couch covers and can just wash them, I need a solution in between washes.

This is a lint brush with a twist. The OXO Furlifter has a base that opens, so that you can dump the fur you collect. With old-fashioned lint brushes, you have to pick the fur off by hand. They come in different sizes for furniture, clothes, and even a carpet rake.

I hope everyone can enjoy these sunny days. A clean house with the sun shining through can really put you in the mood for spring.

Stay Safe Everyone!

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