Best Plants to Have In Your Garden

Ashley Lynne

Spring is here and all the beautiful flowers are in bloom. It’s a good time to start on a garden to add some color to your home.

So, you found the perfect spot and you have all the equipment. But now what kind of flowers should you plant? Maybe you are thinking about growing vegetables instead.

There are so many ways to start a garden. So here are some of the best plants you can put in your garden.

Roses: These are probably the easiest to take care of and manage. They don’t need to be deadheaded, or cut off faded flowers. If this is your first time with roses, stick with a shrub for easier care.

Herbs: Herbs are a great addition to your garden. They smell nice and you can use your herbs for cooking. Try some basil, oregano, or thyme just to name a few. Most herbs are perennial, which means they come back every year. You do need to replant basil and cilantro every spring and summer.

Edible Plants: Ever wanted your own lemon tree? Or how about a grape vine with plump juicy grapes? There are many plants that bear fruits and berries for you to enjoy. Strawberries are always a good choice to start with.

Tulips: These are my favorite flowers. They come in various colors and look so pretty when they bloom. Tulips are quite tolerant during the winter but they are annuals, so they need to be replanted in autumn before the ground freezes.

Sunflower: These are so lovely and when you put them in the right spot, they can get really tall. Just find a very sunny spot in your garden and plant them in the late spring. They do require a lot of water since they contain oils. If you’re lucky enough to keep the birds away, you can collect some sunflower seeds to enjoy.

Lavender: These flowers have a calming scent and can be used for many things at home. They are a little bit high maintenance but worth it. They thrive in arid environments, so if you live somewhere very wet and humid they might not grow. Lavender plants need to be pruned every now and then to keep its shape.

Gardenia: Another sweet smelling plant that’s a favorite in the south. They prefer well-drained acidic soil with plenty of nutrients. They do better in highly humid areas to ward off spider mites.

Coleus: If you are looking for something more on the wild side. Try a coleus plant. They are easy to take care of as they begin to root immediately. They grow pretty quickly, so there’s no need for fertilizer. They come in a variety of colors from yellow, green-blue, and maroon. This is the perfect beginner plant and you can grow them indoors too.

Profusion Red Zinnia: These flowers actually won a 2018 Fleuroselect gold metal. They are highly favored for being compact and vibrant. They are risistant to diseases, heat, huimdity, and mildew. It's best to plant these indoors first. Once the zinnia plant starts to show two true leaves, they can be planted outdoors in a sunny spot.

There are many more wonderful plants and flowers you can grow. Finding what's right for you isn't too hard. whether you want some little plants to bighten up the yard of a full Secret Garden motif, you'll find something that works for you.

Happy gardening and stay safe everyone!

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