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It’s the fourth week in my seven week anatomy class and things are going well. We finished the circulatory system and are moving on to respiratory.

While talking to some of my classmates, they mentioned all these apps to help with homework. Some I’ve heard before and some that are very new to me.

So, I looked around and found that there are a plethora of homework apps for all grade levels and college. There are apps that help you properly cite a source, solve a math problem, or just check your grammar.

I found some homework apps and websites that can be helpful for anyone.


Socratic is an app that helps you with all subjects when you are stuck on a question. You just take a picture of the problem with your phone and let Socratic do the rest.

Real teachers are behind this app. They created visual tools, step-by-step lessons, and reference guides. Socratic helps you get unstuck.

Cite This For Me

Cite This For Me is a Google extension that quickly cites sources for you as you’re writing. Sometimes this doesn’t get the full citation right. But they do have a website so you can create an entire bibliography and copy it to your paper.

There are other sites like this and it’s very helpful. I spend less time on making a whole bibliography and can keep up with all my sources better.


Photomath works just like Socratic but with math. You take a picture of the math problem and you’re given resources on how to solve the problem. This app covers everything from basic math, to trigonometry.


Of course this is a content platform but YouTube has been very helpful in explaining concepts to me in a way I can understand.

There are teachers with their own channels that teach every and any subject you can find. There are also videos explaining complex things in a fun and interesting way.

A good example is when I had to learn the flow of blood through the heart. I found so many videos and even a song to help me remember. Being able to pause and rewind when I miss something important makes it easier to follow.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a very popular website because it offers so much for free. They are a non-profit organization that gives resources to all students.

Khan Academy has a library of videos on every subject you can imagine. Teachers from all over the world provide learning materials and visual aides. You can even prepare for an SAT exam using this site.


Kami is an app that allows you to write on PDFs like worksheets and save them. When I took algebra, everything was online. So, I used this app to do my homework and turn it in without having to print and scan the paper.

This is also great for annotating documents for class and doing worksheets with printing them out. is a highly regarded tutoring site. Many students say they do better in school after using this site. They have about 3,100 tutors for school, career coaches, and more. This site also offers test prep for exams.

There are a lot of websites and apps that can help with homework. If you’re having trouble with some subjects, the internet is a good place to start looking.

Stay safe everyone.

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