Top Three Vitamin Brands of 2021

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People are still waiting to get the COVID vaccine, or plan on not taking it. Whichever side you’re on, it’s important to keep your immune system up.

But which brand should you try? Some brands are cheap and don’t provide everything you need. Other brands are too expensive with unnecessary bells and whistles.

There are so many kinds of vitamins too. Skincare, women's health, herbal supplements, and even children’s vitamins.

Well I have a list based on the most talked about vitamins brands. You’ll see a lot of brands for immune support and stress. The list is also based on what’s affordable without the fillers and additives.

Rae Wellness

I had to start out with this one because I have been using this brand since 2020. Rae Wellness is a fairly new brand that caters to self care and self love. This brand focuses on women’s health.

This is a vegan, GMO-free brand for those of you that are trying to maintain a plant-based lifestyle.

  • In The Mood: This vitamin will boost your libido and desire. Stress, tiredness, and lack of energy can be a buzzkill in the bedroom.

In The Mood is a herbal supplement made with Taurine for energy, ginseng for blood flow, and maca to support vitality.

Take two anytime when needed. It has a bit of caffeine for alertness but still a great way to keep up at night.

  • DeStress: This is great for anyone who has anxiety but doesn't enjoy the drowsiness of anti-anxiety medication. I use these on days when I have a lot on my plate. Made with L-Tyrosine and GABA(gamma-Aminobutytric acid) to help fight fatigue and calm the mind.
  • Immunity: Of course I had to mention their immunity vitamins. These are made with elderberry, vitamin C, and zinc to help give your immune system and extra boost.

Rae Wellness products all range within the $14.99 spectrum. They can be found online or at Target where they also have a line of skincare vitamins, collagen powders, and skin serums. It’s worth looking into.

Nature Made

I’m sure most of you have seen this brand in Wal-mart. A whole wall of different supplements in alphabetical order. This is a really popular brand and for good reason. Nature made is known for making high quality products that are affordable and easy to find.

Whether you need a multivitamin or something more specific, Nature Made has it all.

  • ImmuneMAX Fizzy Drink: This drinkable supplement is great for those of you who hate swallowing pills. The immunity boosting fizzy orange drink contains zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin D3. Because it’s in powder form, you can take it with you wherever you go. Just add water and enjoy a refreshing drink while staying healthy.
  • Potassium: When I was younger, I used to get painful fallen arches. That when the arch in the bottom of your foot falls and it hurts so much. Found out I wasn’t eating enough potassium, which supports body functions and a source of electrolytes. So, my dad got me these and the difference was like night and day. Sometimes people are lacking in certain nutrients and multivitamins just won’t work. Being able to choose which nutrients you need separately is what makes Nature Made so convenient.
  • Men’s Multi Softgels: Since I already did one for the ladies, this one is just for men. This softgel vitamin has 21 essential vitamins to support men’s health. Vitamin D for teeth and muscles, and vitamin A to boost the immune system.

I can’t name them all, but there is an array of supplements that you can choose from. And the price is just between $5.00-14.00 at Wal-mart.

Olly Vitamins

This brand is also new but is already very popular. The majority of their vitamins are in gummy form. So no chalky pills that you can’t get down your throat. Just eat them like you would gummy bears.

I haven’t tried these yet because I don’t know which one I want yet. They actually look tasty and there are so many to choose from.

  • Hello Happy Gummy Worms: Yes, these are gummy worms that make you happy when you eat them. They are made from saffron which is known for its mood altering effects. Some people take saffron oil for depression. The vitamin D helps absorb the happiness more. Plus everyone loves gummy worms that’ll make a lot of people happy.
  • Kids Immunity: The kids need vitamins too. If you have a child going back to school, then make sure they take their vitamins. School’s are already cesspools of germs and bacteria, the pandemic makes it worse. These cherry berry flavored gummies are perfect for kids. Elderberry and zinc will give your children what they need to take on the day.
  • Sleep: I know this brand doesn’t have any creative titles to their brand, but they like to get straight to the point. These vitamins will help support a restful sleep. It’s made with the classic melatonin and L-theanine to help you get comfortable without feeling drowsy. If you’re having trouble sleeping, this will help quiet the mind.

Many people who have tried it say it tastes like candy, so that’s promising. I would really like to try those gummy worms.

And there you have it, my top three vitamins for 2021. We’re only a month into this year but I hope this trend of taking better care of ourselves keeps going.

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