10 Gifts For The Work-From-Home Employee

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So, I did a gift list for essential workers and I felt like doing another gift list. This one is for the employees who are working at home. From housewives dealing with the virtual school to those who are constantly in a Zoom meeting.

Here is the list of practical and amazing gifts for the home office employee.

1. AboveTek Laptop Desk for Bed. There are many people who don't have the luxury of a home office. Sharing limited space with a roommate or children makes it more difficult.

The AboveTek Laptop Desk creates a flat surface to work from. The legs are adjustable, so you can make it as high or low as you need. At 23x13 inches, it has enough room for a laptop and mouse or notebook.

It's very convenient for sitting on the couch if a desk or table is not available to you. You can find this gift on Amazon for $51.99.

2. Everlast Comfort Office Foot Rest. I would really like this because I'm 5'10 and my legs are always looking for a place to rest. This is great for maintaining a good posture and relieves pain from long hours of sitting.

The memory foam is heat reactive and conforms to the natural curves of the foot. The curved teardrop-shaped pillow gives you the option to change positions to your comfort.

Another great find on Amazon for $36.95, this memory foam non-slip footrest is great for long conference calls.

Just as a quick disclaimer, a lot of these gifts can be found on Amazon.

3. Adaptive Sound Technologies Lectro White Noise Machine. The Lectro white noise machine is great for people who get distrated by outside noises. This is also great when you want to get a good night's sleep.

This white noise machine comes with 10 different fan sounds and 10 different ambient variations (Pink noise, brown noise, and white noise). At $35.84, this machine give you a more controlled work environment.

4. Bose Wireless Headphone and Earbuds. There are many work-from-home employees who need to cancel out the noise in order to make calls. Bose has an array of different styles to choose from.

They aren't cheap, ranging from $200 - $400. But the quality is astounding. They even have bluetooth sunglasses for working outside, so you can answer the phone while running errands.

This is a must have for work-at-home employees. If you don't want to spend that much on wireless headphones, there are other options on Amazon and eBay.

5. Custom Notebooks. If you're looking for an affordable and useful gift, customized notebooks are the way to go. Shutterfly has different styles of notebooks at a reasonable price at $9.00.

You can add pictures, monograms, and personal mantras to make the notebooks more personal. There are also customizable pens, mugs, mousepads, and more.

Gifting office supplies with a thoughtful touch for the new year? Yes, please!

6. Mug Wamers. Before starting my day, I like a hot cup of tea or coffee. What I don't like is my beverage getting cold before I finish it.

A recent article by Bustle list the five best mug warmers for you. There is the $80 Ember Smart Mug that once fully charge will keep your coffee warm for one hour. The cheaper VOBAGA Mug Warmer, for $22 is more of a coaster the has three different settings for heat.

Both of these can be found on Amazon of course.

7. Loungewear. Now that many people are working at home. There's no need to create a work ensemble. It's still important to look presentable on camera, but it doesn't mean you can't be comfy.

At American Eagle they have a stylish selection of cardigans and hoodies that are camera ready. Or this crinkle tuinc on Amazon. Comfort and style are important to those who are always on a conference call.

8. Brightech Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging Port. This led desk lamp does more than add some light to your home office. It has a wireless charging port and a USB port, so you can charge multiple devices.

It's also compatable with Google Home and Alexa, great for the tech lover in your family. At $60 on Amazon, this looks like a great deal.

9. SERENE HOUSE Ranger Essentical Oil Diffuser. What better way to create a peacful work environment than your favorite scent?

Urban Outfiters brings you the SERENE HOUSE oil diffuser. At $25, you get a high-quality diffuser that durable and compact. Perfect for a small home office.

There are other styles of diffusers, finding the right one is up to you.

10. A Desk Plant. Brighten up someone's day with a cute little plant. A low-maintainace desk plant adds some life to a drab little office.

This Hoya Heart plant from The Sill is a unique plant that only needs water every 2-3 weeks. They even have pots and assescories for those with a green thumb.

So there is my list of Christmas gifts for those who work from home. I hope this guide will be of use to you and have a happy holiday! #nbholidaycheer

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