I Wouldn’t Consider Myself an Athletic Person, but I Had a Blast Playing These Competitive Games at Summer Camp

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If I could go back to the summers of 2007-2009, I totally would. No thoughts or hesitation. I was a middle schooler just about to reach my freshman year of high school. I was a kid with a lot of hopes and dreams (many that are different from my dreams now) wondering where my life will take me. At the moment, I was always looking forward to going to summer camp. As a kid, the summers were free from the stress of the ups and down of the school year. It seemed like the possibilities were endless with the warm weather and the free time.

I was never an athletic kid growing up, I wasn’t good at sports so I stuck with the creative activities like arts and crafts, board games etc. However, there were some competitive games that I loved being a part of.

Here are some games I enjoyed during my years as a young camper:

Kick The Can


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Where I went to camp, we had plenty of places to hide during some games of kick the can. Whether it was behind a brick wall or behind some trees, there was always a perfect moment to run as fast as you could to kick the can before the protector of the can could tap you out. For me, I mostly hid the entire time and was too scared to actually attempt to kick the can.

Rainbow Tag


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Before playing, someone runs around to hide a bunch of markers throughout a field or another open space (even better if there’s hiding spots around). The object of the game is to find all the colors that were hidden and draw a line on your arm before the tagger with a wet washcloth catches you. If you’re caught, they wash all the colors off your arm and you have to start all over again. If you find all the colors of the rainbow without getting tagged, you win.



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I’m sure everyone knows about this game. It is very similar to the game cops and robbers. This game can be played with however many people you want. This is how I played when I was younger: two groups are split in half where one team hides and the other team seeks. If a hider is found, the seeker must tag them in order for the hider to be out of the game. The game is over when everyone is found. Manhunt is even more fun if you play in the dark with flashlights.

Tennis Baseball


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Tennis baseball is a mix of the two sports. Instead of using a tennis court, you’re in the field with four bases (like baseball). You’re also using a tennis racket and ball instead of a baseball and bat. I found this game much easier than baseball because it was easier to hit the ball rather than with a baseball.

Capture The Flag


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Two teams one mission: to capture the other team's flag. Some hide the flag on their side, others just leave it guarded by multiple members of the team. I mostly played defense since there was no way I could ever be offense. I kept to my comfort zone in this game. Still a lot of fun to play with friends though.



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This game was always at the end of the summer. It’s kind of like the reality show on CBS except it’s an entire team that’s eliminated and not just a single person. At the beginning of the game, everyone is split up into teams that have different colored bandanas. Throughout the week, there are different kinds of competitions (yes, including an eating competition and no I didn’t compete, I chickened out on eating olives) that every member is a part of. The last team standing are the winners.

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