2009 Was a Great Year for Horror Films, Here are 10 Movies to Prove It

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If someone were to ask me what year was great for horror movies, my instant answer would be 2009. Every horror film that I enjoy came out that year. Now, I was pretty young in 2009, 14 to be exact. So most of the scary movies that I saw back then had to be PG-13 so I could go see it with my friends by ourselves at the movies. However, I did get by seeing some R rated horror flicks when they came out on DVD. I had to wait a while but it was worth it.

It was most definitely an awesome way to end the decade for horror movie fans.

The Uninvited


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Anna spent some time in a mental facility, and when it was finally time to return home, things were different in many ways. Her father has a new girlfriend who Anna’s sister, Alex, thinks is hiding something awful. This is a movie that has a plot twist that you won’t see coming.



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After a family of four adopts a child named Esther from an orphanage, they notice strange accidents or occurances with their children. Turns out, Esther has a lot of secrets. This is another movie that has a plot twist that will blow your mind.

The Unborn


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Throughout The Unborn, Casey experiences terrifying dreams about different spirits. However, a spirit in particular wants to take full control of Casey’s body. Casey must find all the help she can get before it’s too late.

Jennifer’s Body


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After a horrific fire at a bar, Jennifer left her friend to go hang out with a local band in the middle of the forest. When she returned, there was something different about her. The new version of Jennifer was possessed by something demonic.

Friday the 13th


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Following another remake of the original film, Jason Vorhees is back and is ready to take revenge against anyone who disturbs him at Camp Crystal Lake whether it's people vacationing or a group of camp counselors.

The Descent (Part 2)


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After surviving a traumatic experience while cave exploring, Sarah returns to these caves and once again comes face to face with cannibalistic creatures. Sarah and her peers must do what it takes to survive and find a way to escape.

Sorority Row


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Due to a prank, one of their sorority sisters ends up tragically killed. All that were witnesses swore they would take the secret to the grave. However, someone doesn’t keep that promise and later torments the sisters and anyone who’s close to them.

The Stepfather


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After returning from military school, this teenager finds that his mother is now dating a new man. Unfortunately, mom’s new boyfriend is not who he says he is.



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A group of strangers team up to fight against the undead in this horror comedy flick. This film is filled with funny moments and tons of blood and gore. Also, always remember the rules just in case an actual zombie apocalypse occurs.

The Last House on the Left


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While on a family trip to a lake house, Mari and her friend are stalked and harassed by a group of criminals. Once the group thought the girls were left for dead, they take shelter by Mari’s parents during a rainstorm, unknowing what that group just did to their daughter.

(Warning: This movie has a scene of sexual assault)

What was your favorite horror movie that was released in 2009? Did it make this list?

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