How To Get Inspired When You Have Writer's Block

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Writing can be difficult at times. Especially if you have a certain deadline and you just can’t figure out what to write about. Writer's Block is when someone is having trouble with writing an essay, writing a book, or writing an article. It’s hard to write about something because most likely, someone has already beaten you to it. If you’re writing a more common piece, be sure it’s in your own words and your own experiences to make it one of a kind. As a writer, I have dealt with writer’s block many times and it’s absolutely horrible. It can be tough for me because one week I have so many ideas and the next week I have none. However, there are many ways to get ideas or get inspired just from the world around you. I’ve made a list of ways I find inspiration.

Listen to podcasts

I recently started listening to podcasts and I’m so glad I did. I usually listen to them on my way to and from work. It comforts me to listen to people talk, especially in the mornings when I’m half asleep and I’m not in the mood to listen to music. A simple topic that the podcast is talking about can help you think of ideas around that topic and create your very own article from it. There are plenty of options on Apple Music or Spotify when it comes to finding the right podcast whether you like hearing about sports, music, health & wellness, advice, entertainment etc.

Look at other people's articles

Whenever I’m having trouble thinking of article ideas, I tend to look and read through other people’s articles on the website I’m writing for. If I look through an article about relationship struggles, I might get an idea from struggles I’ve dealt with in past relationships or something related to relationships in general. Another example is if someone wrote an article about film, I could start thinking of film article ideas such as “When will movie theaters open back up, will they ever?”

Scroll through your social media feeds

Social media is your friend when writer’s block hits. Scrolling through your ForYou page on TikTok could inspire you to write an article about TikTok, an article about fashion could come about while pinning pictures on Pinterest, an infographic that your friend or family member shared about Covid-19 on Facebook could spark an article idea about the pandemic, or you could even get inspiration from what you read on Wattpad or Tumblr.

Listen to music

Consider listening to a brand new genre of music you’re not familiar with and share your thoughts with the world “I listened to country music for the first time, here are my thoughts.” Write an album review, relisten to your favorite artists' entire discography and write about what you like and didn’t like about the albums, write about albums that people should really check out. The possibilities are endless when it comes to music.

Watch your favorite movies (or new ones)

Movie reviews are always great because it can be your own opinionsand there’s so much to talk about, especially if you’re watching a movie for the first time. Or, you can talk about the best movies in a certain genre. For example, “Love Forgetting Sarah Marshall? You’re going to love these romantic comedies” or “The best horror movies of the 2010’s.”

Ask friends, coworkers or family for help

When in doubt, ask for help. Your friends, family and coworkers can be helpful resources when it comes to brainstorming ideas for articles. Even after you’ve finished writing, ask someone to look it over to edit or give advice on what you could add.

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