I’ve Never Been in a Real Relationship Before… and I’m Okay With That

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Dating, especially now, is very difficult. The Coronavirus pandemic has taken over all our lives and affected how we interact with others, especially meeting new people. The dating life we once knew is now gone for the time being. The new way of dating is through FaceTime or Zoom, which has it’s pros and cons for sure. I’d much rather meet someone in person than over a screen.

When there isn’t a pandemic happening in the world, the topic and experiences of dating can be hard. There are so many what if’s. What if I never find my soulmate? What if this relationship doesn’t work out? What if they don’t show up for the first date? You really just have to live in the now and not worry about all those questions that you ponder about. If you think you’re the only one that has never been in a real relationship, I can promise you that you aren’t the only one.

For me, dating has never been a top priority. There always seemed to be something more important that I would rather have put my time into such as school or friends or the boyband I was obsessing over at that time. To be honest, I didn’t even want to date or didn’t even think about it. I was never asked out on a date, never asked to prom (I asked one of my best guy friends at the time) and no one ever had a crush on me (that I know of). It might seem a little sad and pathetic, but I was completely okay with it. It kind of makes sense to me now because I was mentally dating Nick Jonas in my head from 7th grade through high school. Maybe I just have super high standards?

It wasn’t until college where I joined my first dating app, Tinder. Nothing came out of it though. Over the last few years of talking to different people, I went on a few dates. I haven’t been past 2 dates. I either get ghosted or friendzoned, which is completely fine. When there’s no feelings, there’s no feelings and I understand.

Now, living during the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve taken a break from going out on dates, obviously. All I really do is talk to people over dating apps. Currently, I am on 4. It’s going to be nice when we are all allowed to go to clubs, go to a movie theater or eat at a restaurant and not have to worry about covid.

Some of my friends are stuck in the same boat I am, “I go on dates with guys, but none turn into a relationship.” one told me. “No one wants to date me,” another friend added quite bluntly, “I just want to have that one person to talk to at the end of the day and cuddle and go on cute dates with.” Everyone deserves a person that loves them and their flaws.

There are plenty of pros for being single though. One example is that you can really focus on yourself and figure out what you want, both relationship wise and future wise. Enjoy the single life!

If you’re not ready for a relationship just yet, please don’t worry about it. There will come a time where you are ready to jump into the dating pool and you will surely find your soulmate.

*If you are going to meet someone new on a date, just remember to wear a mask, stay safe and follow social distancing rules. Always listen to your gut.*

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