Horror Films That You Can Watch on Your Favorite Streaming Sites This Weekend

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There are many subgenres within the the horror genre and there are plenty to choose from on your favorite streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc.) Streaming sites release new movies onto their platforms every single day. It’s always a good day when they release horror movies, especially when it’s a good one or one you can watch for the very first time. Recently, a ton of horror movies were added to your favorite streaming sites and I found some really good ones. I definitely have the movies I’m going to be watching this weekend.

Check out some of these horror favorites that are available to stream on HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. Happy watching!

You’re Next (2011)


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Brought together by their parent’s wedding anniversary, things turn ugly quick once this family realizes they are trapped inside their own home all while being tormented by crazed killers wearing animal masks. Who will make it out alive?

Watch You’re Next free with your Amazon Prime subscription

The Ruins (2008)


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To live their vacation to the fullest, a group of friends set out with a trusted guide they met at their hotel to take them to see an ancient abandoned ruin. Due to their trespassing, the people who live around the area refuse to let them leave after stepping foot on the ruin. Things take a deadly turn when they realize the temple is overrun by vicious vines.

Watch The Ruins free with your Amazon Prime subscription

It (2017)


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Based on the chilling novel by Stephen King, comes a remake of the original 1990 film of the same name. A group of kids must work together to take down a killer shapeshifting clown that is made up of children’s fears.

Watch It free with your HBO Max subscription (the original film, plus the sequel to the 2017 film It: Chapter 2 is also available on HBO Max)

The Amityville Horror (2005)


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Ryan Reynolds stars in the 2005 remake of The Amityville Horror, a film that takes place in the late 1970’s. The film shows a family that just moved into a new home and their new place holds a crazy history behind the walls, including murder.

Watch The Amityville Horror free with your HBO Max Subscription

The Blair Witch Project (1999)


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In search of the infamous Blair Witch for a documentary, three high school teenagers set out into the Black Hills forest to see what they can capture on their video camera, and what they experience as they go deeper into the woods is terrifying.

Watch The Blair Witch Project free with your Netflix subscription

Hell Fest (2018)


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A group of friends take on Hell Fest, a brand new haunted house interactive experience unlike any other. Throughout the evening, after walking through many haunted attractions, Natalie notices that one of the “scare actors” is following her around. This scare actor doesn’t work at the event and stop at nothing to catch their next victim.

Watch Hell Fest free with your Netflix subscription

Lights Out (2016)


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Based on the popular horror film that is available to watch on YouTube, a woman and her family are being tormented by a haunted spirit that they can only see when the lights are turned off. Fun fact: the woman in the short film also had a quick cameo in the Hollywood film.

Watch Lights Out free with your Hulu subscription

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