5 Dark and Scary Rides at Disney World that Absoutely Terrified Me as a Kid

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As a big Disney fan, I’ve visited The Greatest Place on Earth four times: 1998, 2004, 2009 and 2017. I do miss Disney World a lot. I was planning on getting back there last year but for obvious reasons, my plans were crushed by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, when it’s safe to travel again. I’m buying the first flight to Orlando, Florida. Nothing would bring me more excitement than sitting in the front row of the log on Splash Mountain or waiting 2 ½ hours to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster.

With all the fun rides Disney has to offer, there can be attractions that can be a bit… scary. The first time I really remember Disney is when I went with my family in 2004, so these are my experiences at Disney when I was 9 years old. I had a blast but there were some rides that I either couldn’t handle or I just straight up refused to ride it.

Space Mountain


To 9 year old me, there was nothing scarier than the dark. The fear of something popping out of the darkness and scaring me was absolutely horrifying. However, I did face my fears and ride Space Mountain for the first time when I went to Disney in 2017 to celebrate my college graduation. It was pretty dark and had unexpected twists, drops and turns throughout.



I couldn’t step foot anywhere near this ride when I was 9. The only place I could go is the gift shop. I still refuse to ride this one and I’m 25 years old but there’s something about those dinosaurs being so life-like and upclose to the car you’re time traveling in freaks me out. Also, from comments I’ve read on social media, it’s also a very loud ride and I don’t do loud noises. Plus, that big dinosaur that greets you at the end? No thank you.

It’s Tough To Be A Bug


I wish I realized what I was getting myself into the moment I stepped foot into the It’s Tough To Be A Bug theater. I did not think I would be sprayed by bugs, spiders falling from the ceiling, a giant grasshopper popping out of nowhere, or any other 4D effects that were put into the show. Let’s just say I did not revisit this attraction again. Reading though the comments of the youtube video linked above, makes me feel a bit better knowing many others found this ride a bit disturbing.

Tower of Terror


This attraction is dark, scary and has many sudden drops. Thinking there was an exit somewhere along the line, I ended up inside the Hollywood Tower Hotel. I was okay until our big group was put into a small room and a loud boom of thunder crashed and turned out the lights when I went into a full on panic attack, the first of many in my lifetime. I had to be escorted out in a normal elevator by an Disney employee. Looking back, it was kind of embarrassing but I was really young and scared of almost everything. Now, I could ride this ride over and over again.

Stitch's Great Escape


This ride didn’t have the right to be that scary. You're placed in a seat with a harness that comes down on your body and you watch as Stitch comes to life in a tube. One thing leads to another and Stitch escapes, running around the room hopping on your harness, playing with your hair and the smell of chili dogs fill the room. It wasn’t a ride for me. Also, I felt like I was in the dark the entire time and they made Stitch so life-like. I would have rather been on Splash Mountain or eating some ice cream.

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