Here Are Some Artists I Grew Up Listening To That Truly Shaped My Music Taste

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Growing up in the late 90’s early 2000’s was an experience of a lifetime. I grew up loving music and listening to the radio in the car. I got my first boombox in the 4th grade (it’s still sitting in my closet) and back then, there wasn’t Spotify or Apple Music. I only had the radio at the time and I would lay on the floor of my room just scrolling through the countless FM stations. The first song I can remember hearing on it was Candy Shop by 50 Cent and that’s not really a song that a fourth grader should hear, but hey, it was the clean version, right? No harm. No foul. To this day, I always go and listen to a 2000’s hits spotify playlist. It never gets old reliving the nostalgia of my favorite songs from my childhood.

Britney Spears

I believe that Britney was the first pop star that I was ever obsessed with. I had a fanbook dedicated to her that I, unfortunately, gave away (still regret that decision). I still vividly remember the Pepsi commercial she was on. My first ever CD that I was able to get was In The Zone which is my favorite Britney album. Then, a couple years later, I got My Perogrative: Greatest Hits. I loved that album so much I listened to it all the time. In 2011, I was lucky enough to win tickets to her Femme Fatale tour and it was so much fun. Britney is the reason why I am a big pop music fan.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani’s 2004 smash hit Rich Girl was the first song I remember sitting around on the weekends waiting for it to come on the local radio station. It was before I could hop online and listen to it instantly. I had to hear it the old fashioned way. When that song came on, it was like I just hit the lottery. I was finally able to convince my family to get me her album so I could listen to the song, plus the rest of the album, on repeat. I still have the CD packaged away in my CD case that I haven’t opened in years. I finally got to live my dream seeing Gwen sing that song live back in 2016.

The Jonas Brothers

I blame the Jonas Brothers for my obsessions with boybands since the 6th grade. There was never a day when I wouldn’t bring them up to people. Everyone had to know that I was a fan of JB. I always knew the latest Disney Channel star drama, had the latest JB merchandise, and knew almost everything about the guys. Now looking back at those times, did I really have to annoy people that much? Probably not. But, I was 12 years old, I was bound to go through some phase. I’ve seen the Jo Bros live 4 times and they just don’t disappoint.

Selena Gomez

I consider myself more of a Disney fan than a Nickelodeon kid. Maybe it was because I was raised on Disney movies, music, and stars. I wouldn’t consider myself part of the Hilary Duff era of Disney Channel but rather the Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus era. Wizards of Waverly Place was my favorite show on Disney. I’m so glad that it’s on Disney Plus because I do consider it my comfort show. I grew up listening to music that Disney produced including some of Selena’s discography. I have 2 of her records on Vinyl: Kiss & Tell and A Year Without Rain. Selena will never leave my top 5 favorite music artists.

Lady Gaga

Gaga basically took over my life during my high school years. Her first hit, Just Dance, came out when I was a freshman. Poker Face and Bad Romance were always blasting in my ears in the crowded hallways of public school. I wanted to see her in concert so bad, but I didn’t have much money. I was her for Halloween one year, wasn’t my favorite rendition of her. All I had was a pair of Gaga sunglasses and I had to do my best with whatever I had in my closet.

Miley Cyrus (also Hannah Montana)

Most of the artists that came from the Selena Gomez era of Disney I adored. When Miley was first introduced as Hannah Montana, I knew that I had to get the season one soundtrack. There were so many songs on that album that I had to hear again and again. My personal favorites were Pumpin’ Up The Party and The Other Side of Me. At 12 years old, my biggest dream was to see Hannah Montana in concert and that dream became a reality… but on a movie screen. Which I was fine with. The full on bubblegum pop music was very catchy to me. As time went on, Hannah became Miley and Miley’s music was just as good as Hannah’s. Miley’s music was always a hit for me.

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