I Watched These 4 “Into The Dark” Horror Films, Here Are My Thoughts

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Horror movies are easily my favorite genre of movies. I’ve been watching them since I was in middle school. I try to watch as many as possible, but some of them aren’t as good as others. I scrolled through the horror section on Hulu and noticed the “Into The Dark” series. After watching one, I knew that I had to find others. Turns out, there are tons of them. After careful consideration, I picked out 4 that sounded the most interesting.

New Year, New You


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Suki Waterhouse stars in New Year, New You. A movie about a group of friends who get together to ring in the New Year. As soon as the clock strikes midnight, things get a little out of hand. To teach their friend, who was once a bully, a lesson, the situation doesn’t go as planned for the three friends. Since it was New Year’s Day when I saw this on my Hulu homepage, I thought it would be appropriate for me to watch. Plus, a horror movie? Count me in. Overall, I thought the movie was worth watching. It seemed like there was some past trauma that I thought they could have gone more into detail. It definitely wasn’t my favorite movie but I didn’t hate it enough to turn it off midway through.

Interested? Watch it here.

Uncanny Annie


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6 college friends gather for a fun night of board games on Halloween night. After looking through a couple games, they find “Uncanny Annie.” Once they begin playing, the players experience fear like never before. They have to overcome terrifying challenges and expose their darkest secrets. To win the game: they have to make a deal with Annie. This movie was better than the first (New Year, New Me) due to the amount of suspense. It always had me wondering what the next card in the game would say. I found myself yelling at the TV when the characters would make dumb decisions, kind of like every horror movie I watch. There was one death in particular that scared me the most, but I don’t want to spoil it. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys teen screams. My favorite one out of the four.

Dare to watch? Stream it here.



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Two strangers take an elevator, not thinking anything of it. It’s totally normal to take an elevator in the building, especially when you’re 40 stories from the parking garage. 4 stories underground, the elevator stops and they're trapped. One of these strangers is hiding a dark secret from the other. Getting stuck in an elevator for a long period of time sounds terrifying and would for sure give me more anxiety than usual. Bloody? Yes. Scary? Not really. Anxiety inducing? Yes! This movie definitely made me more frustrated at the characters than me being scared of the scenes. I think it’s scary enough just thinking about being stuck in an elevator for hours on end.

Sound good? Watch it here.

I’m Just ******* With You


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In town for an ex-girlfriend's wedding, Larry, who is for sure a germaphobe, checks into a rundown hotel for the night. At first, Larry may seem an innocent person but he is far from it. He has a private account on social media platforms where he talks negatively about the people around him. Throughout his stay, the sketchy hotel manager, Chester, plays petty pranks on Larry. When Larry’s sister finally arrives after being stuck in traffic, Chester’s jokes go a little too far. Although it had it’s freaky moments, this one wasn’t as scary as the others I watched.

Is this something worth watching? Watch it here.

Want to know what else is featured in the “Into The Dark” movies? Find them on Hulu.

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