Why Plumbing Services Are Important & How To Choose A Plumber


If you are like most of the homeowners, you might be unknowledgeable about how plumbing services work, which areas of your home need the attention of a professional plumber and which ones you can quickly replace yourself. Learning about these services in an emergency situation when you need something repaired fast can be expensive and less than satisfactory if you hire someone inexperienced.

What do plumbing services include?

Repairs: Repairs are made to existing systems or components when they break down due to age or wear and tear. This includes fixing leaks, replacing faucets, toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, etc.

New Installations: New installations involve installing brand-new piping, fittings, valves, pumps, tanks, water heaters, water filters, shower systems, etc. into your home. These can be done by experienced plumbers who specialize in this type of work.

Maintenance: Maintenance is performed on an ongoing basis to ensure that all parts of the system function properly. It involves inspecting for any problems with the equipment and making sure it’s working as intended. It also includes replacing worn out parts due to regular wear and tear.

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Types of Plumbing Services

There are many types of plumbing services available depending upon what you need them for. Some examples are listed below:

Repairing leaky taps

Replacing broken toilet flushes

Installing shower heads

Fixing leaking hot water heater

What does plumbing work involve?

The job of a plumber varies from one person to another based on their experience level and skill set. However, most jobs require some form of training before being able to perform these tasks. The following list describes the general duties involved in performing various plumbing services:

Install pipe connections

Cutting holes through walls and ceilings

Troubleshooting issues

Performing preventative measures

Some common skills required for plumbing service professionals include:

Knowledge about different materials used in construction

Ability to read blueprints

Understanding how things fit together

How to use tools safely

Knowing where to find supplies

Basic math knowledge

Working under pressure

Being organized

Having good communication skills

Other important qualities needed for successful plumbing technicians include:

A strong attention to detail

Good problem solving abilities

Strong organizational skills

Types of residential plumbing services

There are different types of residential plumbing services available depending on what type of problems you want fixed. Some common ones are listed below:

Residential Plumbing Repairs

If you notice any leaks around your bathroom sink, toilet bowl or shower area, call for help immediately. Leaks can lead to severe damages to your walls and floors. Other signs include dripping faucets, clogged drains, slow draining tubs and malfunctioning appliances.

Toilet repair includes replacing old parts and fixing leaking joints.

Bathtub replacement usually entails removing the entire unit and replacing worn-out parts.

Shower installation consists of fitting a new drain pipe and connecting it to existing piping.

Sump pump service ensures proper drainage from basements and crawl spaces.

Drain clearing removes debris build-up from sewer line. Water heater repair deals with faulty heating elements and thermostats. Gas leak detection detects dangerous gases coming from pipelines.

These are some of the most requested residential plumbing services:

Plumbing repair

Water Heater Repair

Sewage line replacement

Fixture Installation & Replacement

Pipe Inspection

Leak Detection

Toilet Repair

Shower Repair

Kitchen Sink Repair

Garbage Disposal Repair

Bathtub Drain Cleaning

Hot Water Tank Service

Gas Line Repair

Drain Pipe Repair

Septic System Repair

Backflow Mitigation

Flood Mitigation Systems

Emergency Plumbing Services

Reasons why plumbing is important

Plumbing has become more than just something that keeps us clean; it's also essential to our daily lives. Here are some reasons why plumbing is so vital:

It provides safe drinking water

It prevents flooding

It protects against fires

It allows sewage to flow away from people's houses

It ensures proper drainage

It makes life easier

It improves indoor comfort levels

It reduces energy costs

It increases property value

It saves money when done properly

It creates healthier living conditions

It enhances safety

It contributes towards better health It promotes hygiene

Why are plumbing services expensive

In order to understand why plumbing services cost so much, we must first look at the basic components of a home or business. A typical house will have several systems which make up its plumbing network. These can be divided into two categories - those that provide continuous supply and those that only operate intermittently such as toilets and sinks. In addition there may be other items like showers, bathtubs etc. All this adds up to quite a large number of pipes, valves, pumps, tanks, heaters etc. This means that each component needs regular maintenance and repairs. If not maintained regularly then the whole system could fail resulting in damage to your home or business.

Another reason why plumbing services are costly is due to the fact that they are very labour intensive. Each part requires skilled workers who know exactly how to do the job correctly. They also need specialized equipment to carry out the task.

Affordable Plumbers

Plumbing services are made affordable not by the initial labor cost, but by the quality of the work performed, the appliances or fixtures installed and how long they will last without requiring any repairs. A cheap plumber may get you a lower invoice at the end of the project but does not guarantee the work will be problem-free in the next months.

The importance of having qualified plumber cannot be overstated. The work carried out by them is highly technical and therefore requires expertise. Without these experts you would have issues with a lot of the crucial services inside your home. You might think that if you hire an unqualified person he/she should be able to fix everything but unfortunately this isn't always true. There are many cases where even experienced plumbers don’t have all the necessary training and experience required to complete certain jobs. For example, installing new fixtures sometimes involves working with electricity and gas lines. An inexperienced worker could cause serious injury to himself or herself. Also, if you choose to go DIY, you run the risk of damaging your own property. So hiring a professional is definitely worth every penny!

Commercial Plumbing

Commercial buildings require more complex plumbing than homes. As commercial establishments tend to use larger quantities of hot and cold running water, their plumbing networks often consist of multiple zones. One zone may contain one fixture while another contains a group of fixtures. It's essential to keep track of the various connections between zones. Any problem within a particular zone can affect the rest of the building. Therefore, commercial plumbing contractors perform thorough inspections before starting any project. They check for damaged pipes, broken fittings, blocked drains and overflowing toilets. They also test pressure levels throughout the building. When needed, they replace corroded pipes and faulty fixtures.

About: I have asked the specialists at Easy North Plumbing for a few tips regarding how to find the best plumber for residential work. The short answer is that it depends on the area you live in, the type of project and your budget. There are no shortcuts to getting quality & qualified work as cheaper options may leave you with even more issues in the long run. To find out more about Easy North Plumbing, watch the video below or visit their website at easynorthplumbing.com

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